My three cousins, aunt and uncle from Scotland were all in Durango with us for the past week, so we had a lot of quality family time. In other words, we did a lot of jigsaw puzzles and played ample amounts of Taboo (favorite game ever). I hadn’t seen them since our wedding in 2013, and it was really, really nice to catch up with everyone individually. Oh, and to introduce them to Sonic, of course. We walked two miles to get a diet strawberry limeade one day, then drove-through after ziplining so everyone could try milkshakes, tater tots, teas, etc. It is America’s Drive-In after all! Nothing like some good USA culture.

Other highlights of the week included:

  • Taking Isla on her first bike ride. We bought a Giro baby helmet, but it was a little too bit and kept falling forward and blocking Isla’s vision, so she hated it. We also had the new baby seat (Yepp Maxi Back Seat) installed at the store we bought it, and they put it very, very close to the saddle. It felt a little suffocating, so we moved it back and bought a new helmet (the Bontrager Little Dipper). Ride #2 was so much better – smiles all around! You can see a video of Isla’s first ride here (I almost fell off my bike at the beginning and had to cut that!).
  • Playing in the wading pool almost every single day. My favorite day was when Isla grabbed the hose and kept spraying Belle (our dog), who would bite frantically at the water. Isla was dying laughing – short video here. We spend most of our days outside, running around the garden or going on short hikes.
  • Walking to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and getting fresh juice from Durango Juice Bar. We normally don’t eat out when we’re in Houston, and have been doing take-outs for many of our meals (since there was 10 of us!) – we are in desperate need of a cleanse! We’re doing juices plus no chemical/preservative foods right now. I’m going to share a recipe for my favorite refreshing fruit water this week.
  • Going zip-lining for the second time at Full Blast Adventure Center.  It is so much fun. Last time I went, they allowed us to do backflips off the ledge, but this time, it was banned because apparently that isn’t safe (greatttt, thanks for the warning the first time). I went with my three cousins and my aunt, and we all had a great time.
  • Reading The Little Lady Agency, which I’m loving so far. I’m almost done, and I’ll be sharing my 2015 summer reading list on Wednesday or Thursday. I did two last summer (here and here), and want to hear your suggestions on what to read next!
  • Isla learned that horses say “Neighhhh” this week (a horse and carriage passes our house every evening), and so we’ve obviously prompted her at least 350 times in the last 7 days. Another ‘trick’ she loves to do is put the sole of her foot up against ours (shown below). Every day is such an adventure!

How was your week? What were your highlights?

BBG Jump Rope (1 of 1)-11Isla Strolling Ailee and IslaBBG Jump Rope (1 of 1)Getting ready to start her BBG workoutIsla Eating 2 Isla Shocked FaceI adore this little shocked face – Isla cracks me up every single dayIsla HelmetFirst Bike RideIsla Swimsuit (1 of 1) copyAilee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0130 Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0135Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0123 She saw Sasha and started running towards him (heart melts)Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0100 Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0105Where’d the pineapple go??Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0088 Ailee_Petrovic_150712_4B3A0092Bubbles (1 of 1) copy Blanket hoarder. She will literally walk around holding three at a time.Bubbles (1 of 1)-3Bubbles (1 of 1)-15 Bubbles (1 of 1)-17 Foraging with me!Bubbles (1 of 1)-18 Bubbles (1 of 1)-19 Bubbles (1 of 1)-2Bubbles (1 of 1)-20Bubbles (1 of 1)-9 Bubbles (1 of 1)-8She’s on my team!Isla PJs (1 of 1) copy Isla Swimsuit (1 of 1)-2 Isla Swimsuit (1 of 1)-4 Isla Swimsuit (1 of 1)-5 Isla Swimsuit (1 of 1)-7 Isla Swimsuit (1 of 1)-9 Rory and Erin (1 of 1)-10 Don’t worry/judge, it was empty!Rory and Erin (1 of 1)-12 ErinSonicIsla PJs (1 of 1)-2 Isla PJs (1 of 1)-4 Isla PJs (1 of 1)-6 Isla PJs (1 of 1)-7 Durango (1 of 1)-8 Isla showing her American pride with her Willow Crowns headband onDurango (1 of 1)-10 Durango (1 of 1)-12 Rory and Erin (1 of 1)My cousin, Rory, baked the bluest of blue cupcakes for the family – with sharks on them, of course (it was Shark Week after all!)


  1. Highlight was Isla playing cornhole (and dominating) and me adjusting Isla’s bike seat to give her some room 🙂 Also, Djokovic winning Wimbledon!!!!!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Boo! I wanted Roger (my FAVORITE) to win!!!!

  2. Way too much cuteness to handle in one post. She is just the cutest thing ever. I love all those swim pictures with the doggy. Pure bliss!! & Her with her helmet on.. i’m dying. I love it!

    & of course Isla’s twin livi has been making that “shocked” face lately too!!

    & Taboo is our favorite game over here!! The best!

  3. She is SUCH a doll! Love all your pictures of her. You are so blessed to have such a ball of sunshine in your life. Thanks for sharing her with your readers!

  4. I too was rooting for Roger!! But, I did get to see him in person!!!! Ailee, where did you get the monogrammed swim suit?

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      That’s amazing – we did too!!! Isn’t he dreamy? 🙂 🙂 I was so sad that he lost!

      I got the swimsuit from my friend, Julie, who owns an Etsy monogramming shop – If you click on the ‘Request Custom Order’ button, you can email her about pricing for the swimsuits! Mention that you’re my mom’s best friend too! 🙂

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