ToddlerIndoorActivitiesFingerPaintingAfter Isla woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon, we played in the yard for ten minutes before heading back inside, both red in the face and sweaty from the record breaking Houston temperatures (humidity factor made it feel like 110 degrees). I decided we needed to do something fun indoors, so I grabbed some paper, tape, Greek yogurt (which Isla loves) and food coloring and we painted in the bath tub.

At first, Isla was hesitant to “get into” the paint, but after I did some splatters myself, she went crazy with it. Of course, we were playing in the bathtub, so I was very excited about her enthusiasm, which was peppered with little moments of silence as she stopped to eat her ‘paint.’ 

It’s so important to be fostering creativity with little ones at this age, when their brains are growing so rapidly. I need to do activities like this more often! I even got in the tub at the end and played around before rinsing us both off!


What You’ll Need

  • Small plastic containers (I used three of the Nuby bowls)
  • 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt per container
  • Natural food coloring (ideas here) or Wilton’s
  • Paper
  • Packing or duct tape (to withstand being pulled on!)  

Mix the Greek yogurt with the colors you’d like in little plastic bowls (Isla dropped hers a few times, so I definitely recommend they be plastic like these Nuby ones!). Tape the paper on the wall, strip your little one down to their diaper (or put them in an outfit that can get dirty) and let them go wild!

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  1. I think it turned into more of a sculpting session once the yogurt started to dry up. I know this because I had to clean up the “paint” when it was bath time. #michelangelosdavid

  2. Bathtub painting… smart :).
    We have the banana diapers too, can’t wait to open them!!

  3. I love this!! Definitely need to try this with Livi! she’ll love it!

    Ps. You recently moved up to size 4 diapers? Do they fit okay?! I feel like Livi and Isla are the same size!

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