Mondays can be rough for everyone, so I’d like to start off with some exciting news: Only 129 days until Christmas! I am already excited for my favorite holiday and all of the festivities that encompass it (songs, decorations, wrapping gifts, etc.). Anyways, Houston had temperatures over 100 degrees all week long, so I clearly just need a mental escape from the heat. Hope that helped with Monday blues!

The past week was full of highlights, with the only low light being Isla’s three new teeth coming in (her fourth up top and two on the bottom). Teething really is terrible. The interrupted sleep is not fun! However, she is not sick, so we cannot really complain! Homemade popsicles really were a saving grace this week though (she woke up and had one at 1am one night!).

My favorite moments this week included:

  • Making a trip to the dentist (my friend Dr. Matt Nickolas) because my jaw has been extremely sore recently. It turns out I have TMJ and will be that really cool lady sleeping with a night guard in a couple of weeks. I am so relieved to know that my mouth will feel better soon!
  • Meeting our friends Lainey (a month older than Isla) and Kathryn at Sweet Paris at City Centre for breakfast and then playing in the central green afterwards. The photos of the two girls together are so sweet!
  • Getting juice at Big Power Yoga on Wirt with Amanda who works at Zomato. She told me about the company and the exciting things they have coming up as part of the official launch. I can’t wait to share more details in the near future!
  • Attending Houston’s first Rising Tide Society (Houston Facebook page) meeting (or a #TuesdaysTogether) at Kraftsmen Baking in the Heights. One of my best friends, Meredith, is the city lead and she did such a great job.
  • Shooting the cuteheads 3rd birthday party celebration on Wednesday with Esther, Megan S., Megan B., Lyndsey and Meredith at Fill in the Blank Studio. Esther posted this #bts post and will publish the rest of the photos today!
  • Going to Isla’s swim class at Dad’s Club after missing it for 6 weeks (mainly because of our trip to Colorado). She is so much more confident now than when we left.
  • Eating lunch at Dish Society in Katy with my mom and one of my favorite women in the world (also saved as ‘Mom’ in my phone). We had so much fun laughing and catching up – and Mrs. Burkett gave Isla the cutest flap books which have been read about 1,000 times since getting home!
  • Having my friend Erin over for a little work project and deciding that interior design really might be the most fun occupation ever (unfortunately, it’s not my calling but I do love it!).
  • Hosting a little dinner with my insanely sweet and talented friends, Desi, whom I traveled to Australia with in 2010 (photos here). She just graduated from the art conservation program at NYU and has been in Spain and DC interning and just returned home (so excited!). She starts work at my favorite gallery in Houston next month.
  • Visiting my older sister’s new-ish rental home (for the first time – worst sister ever!) and taking a walk around the neighborhood. She lives in the Heights and some of the homes nearby are unbelievable (like the one she owns!). 
  • Eating lunch at True Food with Meredith on Saturday. I see her often, but we have never once eaten a meal just the two of us. Sangia, margaritas, delicious healthy food and good conversation – I had the best time!
  • Going to church (we attend Bayou City Fellowship) and volunteering for the first time with the pre-school kids after our service ended. I will be watching toddlers/babies normally, so this was a challenge of my readiness for older children. It was exhausting, but the little ones are so cute. BCF has the best kid’s ministry!
  • Getting a small gift for a friend at Macaron by Patisse and letting Isla try her first macaron (Birthday Cake flavor). Needless to say, she loved it. The photos of her shoveling it in her mouth are my favorite!
  • Taste testing Friohana Shaved Ice as part of my ‘Best Snow Cones in Houston’ post which I hope to publish soon. I’m going to try SnowBlock, Yeti Sunshine and Mango Beach next!
  • Watching Season 2 of True Detective with Sasha on Saturday night. As I shared here, we never ever watch television, but Sasha has gotten us hooked on this show. We’ve got three more episodes to watch, and it’s so captivating. I won’t lie though – I’ll be glad when it’s over to I can get back to reading My Paris Dream.
  • Getting a visit from my Dad (mainly to sign paperwork, but a visit nonetheless!). He is so incredibly cute with Isla, and I love seeing them play together. Melts my heart! I’m so glad he is retired now.
  • Swimming at our friend’s house on Saturday (going to publish a home tour later this week – they house is unreal) and also at our sweet next-door-neighbor’s house. I’m still incredibly pale, but it’s the best natural tan I’ve ever had! Besides the insane heat, I don’t want summer to ever end.
  • Shooting for Jessica’s blog, Feather Thread, in Discovery Green on Friday evening. We found some gorgeous tall grass and the fun, colorful walls outside of The Grove to photograph next to. Can’t wait for her to share more pictures!
  • Fulfilling our sweet tooth craving with our favorite frozen yogurt at TCBY! I used to eat it all of the time in college, and we normally sneak it in once a week now!
  • Letting Isla try her first vegan crepe, which she adored. I make them using very few ingredients – and no sugar! I’ll share the recipe soon! They’re delicious and a much healthier alternative.

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  1. Hey-oh! Didn’t expect a full body shot in this week’s breakdown. I would have totally requested some photo-shopping action ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Trish Buchan Reply

    Isla is just gorgeous. She looks very like you did when you were little Ailee x

  3. Looks like a lot of gymnastics and cheerleading moves went down last week! So fun. Love this post per usual.

  4. You guys are the cutest. & you do so many fun things! I love it!!

    Okay. Lets talk about Isla’s tan. Livi is very jealous of all her outside time. I wish we had a backyard! Condo living is not as fun in the summer time! I love all these photos, you capture the cutest moments!

    Ps. Are you doing a Scorpion stunt!? Tell me you were a cheerleader too?!

    Have a fun week! I hope all Isla’s teeth are in, and you guys can get some rest. I believe Livi’s molars are making a way in slowly.. we’ll see if they ever pop up, or else she just really likes to wake up randomly in the night now! :/ I’ll let you know if they do, so you can get ready for Isla’s!! haha


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