Can you believe August is almost over, and that Texas public schools start back today? Oh goodness, where is this year going?! We spent part of the afternoon planning our trip to Australia in January, as it felt so far away until we pulled out our calendars. Only 4.5 months until we leave! I cannot believe it. I’m so ready to sunbathe on Manly Beach (plans changed from a trip to New Zealand to Sydney!), photograph the colorful boat houses on Brighton Beach, play with koalas at Taronga Zoo, watch our favorite players at the Australian Open, etc. However, the insanely long flight with a 18 month old will be less exciting (ha!).

Overall, we had a fun week, filled with a few shoots, tiny train ride, a birthday party, a high school pep rally and a whole lot of rain. Isla loves to splash in the puddles, so she was in heaven. 

Other highlights from the week included:

  • Photographing two DEFINE body shoots for some of their new clothing and another for DEFINE Foods (I kept snacking on the set food!).
  • Attending a Butter Artistry and Fave4 hair styling event and getting a fancy schmancy braid in my hair. It was a great event, but I need a serious private lesson to learn Britt’s amazing skills.
  • Taking a trip to the Rice area, where we had ice cream at Cloud 10 Creamery then headed to Hermann Park to walk around the Japanese Gardens and take a train ride, which Isla LOVED. We grabbed Niko Niko’s on the way home – they have the yummiest falafel. 
  • Shooting our friend’s newly built, gorgeous house, which I’ll feature on the blog this week!
  • Going to our niece’s adorable 4th birthday party at their house and laughing at Isla’s crazy pool antics. Like I said earlier, she loves to splash.
  • Having both my older and younger sisters babysit Isla, which I love, as I want Isla to be very close to her aunts!
  • Receiving my Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite flash in the mail. I’m so ready to take some photos in the evening now!
  • Photographing the Memorial High School cheerleaders at their back-to-school pep rally. It seriously made me nostalgic! I cannot believe I graduated 9 years ago. What?!
  • Getting the house painted grey – we finally landed on Benjamin Moore’s Classic Grey! I cannot wait for it to be completed.
  • Planning another fun shoot that will take place in a few weeks with lots of my favorite creatives and entrepreneurs like Lindsay Marcella, Willow Crowns, A Fine Flourish, Cake & Confetti, cuteheads, Miss J’s cookies and Shop Sweet Lulu.
  • Eating lunch with Meredith of Cake & Confetti and Leah of The Monogram Shop at Adair Kitchen to discuss some potential collaborations between the three of us – a store with every cute item imaginable, a stylist and a photographer. Expect colorful things to come!
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship and catching up with our sweet friends, Sydney and Philip, then going to lunch at Buff Burger afterwards.
  • Eating a delicious and fun brunch with Megan of Willow Crowns and her sweet little Olivia at Sweet Paris in City Centre and then running around the green afterwards. Isla fell fast asleep as soon as we go in the car – she was worn out! 
  • Participating in the Rising Tide Society challenge (#risingtidechallenge), which was so inspiring and I got to ‘meet’ lots of other creatives whom I’m now following and already loving. I am so pro “community over competition” and think it’s great that this global group is pushing it so actively!
  • Organizing jewelry on our dresser with new holders from Target – the stacking glass jars and another West | Emory bracelet holder that is now out of stock! I’m glad to finally get more organized.
  • Getting started on Snapchat! You can add me by my username @aileepetrovic and I’ll add you back! It still confuses me a bit, but I’m getting the hang of it and love seeing my friends’ fun activities (especially the little babes!).

How was your week? What were your highlights?

Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6646 Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6858 Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6668 Hair and makeup assistant on hand for touch upsAilee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6201 Ailee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6104 Ailee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6290 Ailee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6325-3Spot Isla! Had to retouch that one!Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7092Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7143Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7166 Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7155 Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7159 Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7160 Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7139Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7116 Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7119Ailee_Petrovic_150823_4B3A7124Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5761 Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5769 copy Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5773 Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5778 Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5712 Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5716 Green Plate Foods’ Fruit Bites – she’s obsessed!Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5728 Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5681Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5675 Ailee_Petrovic_150817_4B3A5707-2Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6552 Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6549 Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6556 Ailee_Petrovic_150821_4B3A6547Ailee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6540Elly Brown with some amazing hair by Britt Williams of Butter ArtistryAilee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6521 Ailee_Petrovic_150820_4B3A6524-2 New bow onesie from Mabel + GordonAilee_Petrovic_150819_4B3A6069 Ailee_Petrovic_150819_4B3A5921 Ailee_Petrovic_150819_4B3A5785 Ailee_Petrovic_150819_4B3A5792 Ailee_Petrovic_150819_4B3A5821-2 Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5738 Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5743 Ailee_Petrovic_150818_4B3A5751Ailee_Petrovic_150822_4B3A6987Missing the good ole days of high school cheerleading at the Memorial pep rally!


  1. Love all the IB pics…mega cute! I’m still suffering from my fantasy football Galveston draft weekend but I’m glad to see Ailee and Isla enjoyed themselves. #dadthighonatrain

  2. Boo. Listen. You have found your calling. Your photography is gorgeous. I don’t need to tell you, just look at how successful and busy your business already is. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for following your dreams and sharing them with us. You give us all permission to do the same. I love you! xoxoxox

  3. Sydney Armes Reply

    Loved seeing you at church! And seeing how Isla is such a big girl scooting backwards down the stairs ๐Ÿ™‚ Brunch next time!!! Love you!

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