On Wednesday, Isla and I headed to a ‘Mummy and Me’ Halloween party that our sweet friends, Destiny and Truman, were hosting in their new gorgeous house. 

Salata kindly catered the party, which was such a blessing. It was so easy – we chose the Salata Bar, which came with lettuce, 12 toppings, three dressings (with the choice of 10), protein (you choose from four chicken, four seafood and three vegan options!), bread, croutons and pita chips. I swung by the store on the way to the party, and they had everything bagged and ready to go. It couldn’t have been more simple!

I absolutely love Salata (as do the other ladies who were at the party), and it was like having the entire restaurant experience at your house. The new online ordering platform (developed in-house by Salata!) makes catering orders easily customizable with the click of a button. Guests can quickly select their orders through the visual customization options and schedule on-time order deliveries. Other new offerings include new premium salad recipes, developed through a Salata employee recipe contest. Four of the winning recipes are now on the menu โ€“ Sweet & Savory, Green Goodness, Spicy Thai Crunch and Keen Wah Kale, with superfoods quinoa and kale. The combinations are available in the salad bowl, wrap tray and boxed lunch catering options. I highly recommend you order from Salata if you’re hosting a party and need to feed a lot of hungry mouths – they’ll love you for it!

Now onto the party – Destiny is seriously the hostess with the mostess. Every single detail was perfect! Her invitations were from Saturday and Ninth, and a lot of the decor was from Sweet Katy Lane. They only recently moved into their house, yet she opened up her doors for us amidst getting her kitchen cabinets finished (super mom!). It is already decorated so well – house envy!

So, are you guys ready for Halloween tomorrow? Are you going trick or treating or to any fun parties? Stay safe!

Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1965Ailee_Petrovic_151027_4B3A1908 Ailee_Petrovic_151027_4B3A1883-2 Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A2021 Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1948Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1952-2 HalloweenPartyAilee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1944Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1968HalloweenParty3 Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1980Important to note: I accidentally tipped the box over while carrying it! Everything was perfectly contained when I picked it up from Salata. I should have fixed it for the photo, but let’s get real – I had a toddler at my feet!Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1979HalloweenParty2 Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A2001HalloweenParty4Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A2008Ailee_Petrovic_151028_4B3A1918salatalogoI am part of the Salata Blogger Program. I was not paid for this post, but received goods (food!) for free. You have my word that all opinions are my own (and are honest!).


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