Happy Monday! It finally felt like fall this weekend, and absolutely everyone in Houston was talking about it. We had a ton of yard work done on Saturday (a follow-up to our meager attempts last weekend), and I’m sure the men were glad it was in the high 70s versus high 90s like it has been lately! Both Sasha and I are excited about the new bright plants (which may only last a few weeks) and fresh mulch. He made us take an official tour on Sunday morning – he’s a nut.

The low-light of this week was definitely Isla getting sick with a very high fever (103.8!), as well as two ear infections. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday, and he gave her a lot of medicine (which she absolutely deplores taking!). She’s on the mend though, and we’re so grateful for that fact.

The week did have a lot of highs, some of which included:

  • Worshiping at Bayou City Fellowship on Sunday and running into some of my favorite familiar faces. I love that church family so much!
  • Going to my Dad’s birthday lunch on Monday with my sisters at their house in Katy – he’s the hardest man to shop for, so if you’ve got some creative ideas, let me know!
  • Eating at three of our favorite in Houston – Buff Burger, Carabbas (the original on Voss!) and Giacomo’s (Saturday date night!). If you live here and haven’t eaten at any of those places, you need to!
  • Photographing Lauren Mills of Sunday Beach on Saturday morning at Berings and Tiny’s No. 5 (cutest restaurant ever!). She just announced she’s having a boy! So excited for them.
  • Shooting Elly Brown of Uptown with Elly Brown outside the Menil Collection on Sunday, then heading to Meredith’s house to pick up flowers and going to Brazos Bend State Park for two family sessions: the Armes’ and the Adamsons! Sneak peeks of their sessions below.
  • Taking Isla to swim class at Dad’s Club – she was the only one who showed up, so we got a fun private lesson. She’s a fish! She loves the water.
  • Meeting Sasha at Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch and nipping into Gap for some new clothes for Isla – I caved and got a Gap card. I should have gotten one ages ago!
  • Two days of crafts and one day of a makeshift piñata… I’m constantly trying to think of new ways to expand that little lady’s brain and increase her creativity, but may need to start turning to the pros on Pinterest! Ha.
  • Ordering Pink Converse from Zappos for Isla, as Sasha had been complaining about her lack of “practical footwear.” I am obsessed with them! I have some in white, so now we can twin.
  • Going to Trader Joe’s and picking out some pumpkins for the house (and for eating!). Isla thought they were all balls and kept yelling “BOHHHHL!!!” 
  • Getting visits from all four (immediate) grandparents during the week – including babysitting from Sasha’s mom, dinner with Sasha’s dad and a family dinner at the house with my older sister and parents on Sunday (I sadly missed it!).
  • Finally making a trip to Sephora to get a whole heap of new makeup supplies. I do not spend a lot of money on beauty products, but was in need of some essentials. Of course, I ended up getting other stuff too, which I’ll share a review on soon!
  • Having the very talented Jamie Sawicki over to our house to style and photograph some of her paintings (my Instagram post here) – I cannot wait to share more details!
  • Going location scouting for family photos at Terry Hershey Park. Sasha rides his bike through it week, but I had never been! It’s gorgeous.
  • Taking newborn photos of Baby Jack and getting a very real case of baby fever.
  • After talking about a lob for a year, I got 9 inches taken off my hair and a keratin treatment by Eric Vaughn (who is amazing), then had my eyebrows done by Jackie!
  • Meeting with Leah from The Monogram Shop at our house for some creative chat, and then going to the store later in the week (it’s next to TCBY, so obviously had to have some!).
  • Last, but certainly not least: a Kwikar cleaning. Sasha is always on my case (rightfully so) about how untidy my car is! I finally got it cleaned and hope to keep it that way for a little while!

How was your week? What were your highlights?

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  1. That baby is too cute! (baby = IB) Looks like some 2 of my photos made this week’s portfolio 🙂

  2. LOVE your outfit with the turquoise skirt! Your little one could be a model! You take amazing photos! Love them as always!

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