Another week flew by, putting us that much closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and perhaps even more excitedly: our Australia trip. I need to start planning things! All I’ve figured out is our flights and accommodation.

Like I mentioned last week, family photo season is in full swing, so my weekends have suddenly revolve around sessions, which is really fun (albeit a tad exhausting). Sasha and Isla are my biggest fans though, and I’m so grateful that he is so good with her and does ‘Daddy Duty’ magnificently when I’m gone for bed routine. 

The only low point from the week was Isla developing a rash over her whole body (most prominent on her legs). You can see it in the pumpkin painting photos below. It looked pretty severe, but the rash associated with Roseola shows up as the virus is dying off, so hopefully it’s gone quickly and she’s completely healed!

On a more positive note, some of the highlights from this week include:

  • Attending a polo game at the Houston Polo Club with other Houston bloggers (organized by the lovely Alice of The Lonestar Looking Glass). I only there briefly, but got to stomp the divots and have a champagne toast, so it was worth it! 
  • Dining at a new restaurant near our house, Bramble, with our good friends, Erin and Matt, for a double date night on Saturday. They ordered the biggest shank of meat I have ever seen, but thankfully my delicious veggie plate kept me distracted! 
  • Photographing fashion bloggers – Alex of Adored by AlexDestiny of Truly Destiny and Lauren of Sunday Beach – all three ladies are gorgeous and seriously so sweet. I’m so inspired by their outfits too! This was a bad shopping week (sorry, Sasha!).
  • Taking headshots for my friend Kristen at Highland Village and River Oaks District. She’s in the Rice MBA program and will graduate in May. She’s a serious #GIRLBOSS in training! We took some serious LinkedIn photos, then had to grab a few with more colorful walls.
  • Spending Saturday morning outside at the newly finished Buffalo Bayou Trails – specifically Lost Lake and the Johnny Steele Dog Park. We spent most of the day playing inside though, as sun exposure heightened Isla’s rash.
  • Photographing a few families at Menil CollectionTerry Hershey ParkCentennial Gardens and Lost Lake. I’m going to do a roundup post soon with some of my favorite family photos that I’ve taken so far! My weekends are completely booked through November 15 now, but I’m still free on many weeknights and any date after the 15th. Visit Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic and email me if you’re interested in booking a family session!
  • Navigating pumpkins at St. Luke’s pumpkin patch with our friends, Lindsey and Hollis, and then lunch at Tiny Boxwood’s (seriously so delicious!). We haven’t seen them in ages, so it was nice to catch up!
  • Visiting Texas Art Supply to buy some supplies for upcoming newborn sessions and colorful boards for photos (many of the #SAMTcolorfuldays photos are taken with them!).
  • Very briefly running into Megan on her birthday as I was leaving the gym, and she was going to birthday lunch with her hubs!
  • Celebrating Sasha’s relatives’ Slava at their house and getting to catch up with his family. 
  • Mingling with the neighbors on our street for our National Night Out block party on Tuesday! We know almost all of our neighbors and love them.
  • Having a toddler skate date with Megan and Macy at Dairy Ashford Roller Rink – Isla definitely just scooted around on her bike and pushed a baby doll and stroller she found (all toys were common property!). It was really fun though.
  • Finishing My Paris Dream (a great read for all Paris/fashion lovers!) and moving onto 99 Problems but a Baby Ain’t One by none other than Meg (above).
  • Visiting Glenwood Cemetry to see the tombstone of Sasha’s uncle who passed away earlier this year. It was very emotional seeing a Starbucks cup full by his cross – he was a regular and the baristas all knew his order.
  • Eating dinner on Friday at Adair Kitchen (heavenly baked brie!) and running into one of Sasha’s closest friends from high school!
  • Very briefly running into Megan on her birthday as I was leaving the gym and she was going to birthday lunch with her hubs!
  • Having a bubble bath party in the wading pool outside – Isla loves it so much, and I figured our days of doing outside swims were limited! We also painted pumpkins in the same pool, which was really fun (for both of us!).
  • Watching American Sniper on Friday night and then crying for a solid hour after. One of my close high school friends died in Afghanistan, and I literally cannot watch this tribute video without ugly crying. 

How was your week? What were your highlights?

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  1. Great weekend that flew by…per the norm. Can’t wait for IB to get better and for Ailee to slow down with work. I thought she was busy when she worked at Accenture #nomoregolfweekendsfordad

  2. Mrs. Busy Pants! I am so happy to hear things are going great for you! Not surprised, you are super talented and you have the cutest little model in the world. Reading this makes me miss you and Houston even more… Much love and kissed from Honduras!

  3. So happy to hear you’re so busy with your photography 🙂 Love all the photos, Isla is just the sweetest and most stylish little babe 🙂 Love her shoe collection

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