Hello, Monday. I am so not ready for you. Where are these weeks going – or maybe just the weekends? To put my feelings about today into perspective: I’m currently drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee, which rarely happens these days (typically opt for decaf if I can). I’m very, very sleepy.

Besides being tired from a busy weekend, I’m feeling exceptionally grateful as I look back at the photos taken over the past week. We got to see some of our closest friends who live out of town, play tourist in our own city, eat at some of our favorite restaurants and celebrate a good friend’s birthday. This past week was definitely one of my favorites. Some of the highlights include:

  • Going to our third Rising Tide Society meeting (held at Ecclesia), and heard some useful tips from a local lawyer about contracts. I am drawing mine up now! I’m learning quickly how important they are!
  • Taking Isla to The Water Wall in the Galleria area for the first time. She absolutely was beside herself. All of the water and mist. She was so confused at first, then ran around and around in circles squealing. 
  • Seeing my guest post on Say Yes to Happy here! I’m honored that Julie asked me to writer for her blog! I chose to share details about my blogging journey.
  • Eating a family lunch at True Food Kitchen on Sunday and meeting an Instagram friend who was eating right across from us! 
  • Taking family photos at Centennial Gardens on Saturday with the most dapper little man! I can’t wait to share some of the photos.
  • Shooting maternity photos for a partner at my former company’s wife at Brazos Bend State Park. Sophie looks amazing!
  • Taking Isla for a fun play date at our neighborhood park. She is fearless and will just step off the platform onto a slide. It scares me to death!
  • Going to swim class at Dad’s Club. Isla is a fish. She loves it so much!
  • Having lunch with my sweet friend Joy at Dish Society on Wednesday and catching up on our endeavors. She is such a mover and shaker. I love it!
  • Taking Isla to the Houston Polo Club to see her favorite animal face to face. Her reaction made me tear up. She was so incredibly excited and kept walking around with her arms out, neighing.
  • Shooting Jaclyn at River Oaks District with some colorful backgrounds! 
  • Getting to catch up with our friends, Andrew and Diane, who will be moving to Texas next year, and I am so excited. I love them!!! Andrew and I spent the summer today frolicking around Paris (blog here), and he’s one of my favorite people in the entire world.
  • Taking newborn photos of adorable baby Annie. Her mom was my sorority sister at Texas (both Thetas!), and I hadn’t seen her in entirely too long. I am anxious to share more photos form the shoot!
  • Going to my friend Danielle’s baby shower. Her daughter, Nora, is three months older than Isla, and is a hoot. She has so much personality, and all I want to do is squeeze her cheeks. I am very ready to meet Baby Girl Goates #2!
  • Eating dinner at Rosie’s Carabbas. The Insalata Fiorucci is my favorite salad in the city, so you know it’s a good week when I get to include it in my highlight reel!
  • Shooting some of my favorite fashion bloggers – Destiny and Lilly at CityCentre. They are both GORGEOUS, and I love their styles.
  • Having my older sister Karine over for dinner on Tuesday and getting to catch up with her over a glass of bubbly!
  • Celebrating my friend Kristen‘s birthday at The Shack in Cypress on Friday. I loved getting to meet some of her other friends. She is such a sweet, sweet person, and I’m so grateful for our new friendship.
  • Allowing Isla to have a donut in honor of National Dessert Day and being healthy again (12 days of medicine were probably more rough on me than her!).

P.S. My blog will resume its (hopefully) exciting, creative content when I figure out how to manage a family, photography business (editing takes so much time!) and a blog. Sorry for slacking lately!


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  1. Wow what an eventful week! Thank you so much for shooting with me on Wednesday, you rock! And I’m loving all the Isla pictures, especially the donut ones??

  2. Caffeine coffee…busted! Our weekends are a mess. Way too much to do in a short amount of time.

  3. Yea, I am so glad to see you are normal!!! I cant imagine keeping your schedule! I am crazy over the donut picture!! That sweet girl has so much cuteness!!!!!!

  4. What an eventful week!! As always, love the photos and love Isla! Such a cutie!! xoxo

  5. Gorgeous photos, as always! I have to give you credit–you don’t think you’re keeping up very well, but I think you’re just killing it! Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re really doing an amazing amount of things and doing them all so well.

  6. I’m so happy that you are so busy with your photography. You so talented and you deserve every bit of success!!!

  7. I love your week in reviews! Also, I don’t think its possible for Isla to get any cuter! Absolutely darling!! Xoxo

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