AwakePhotography5119Remember how I was going to wait to share our family photos (taken by the absolutely incredible Paige Budde) until after our card was sent? Well, here they are… on November 4th. And I haven’t even given thought to our Christmas cards (although I’m eyeing a few Artifact Uprising ones that are ah-mazing). That, my sweet friends, is the embodiment of impatience.

But do not fear – I’ve saved three of my favorites that are top contenders for the card so that there will be SOME element of surprise when people receive theirs in the mail!

We took our photographs with Paige at 6:45am on Sunday… in the rain. Thankfully, we had already discussed taking them at the Menil Collection, which has a covered sidewalk. I’m also so grateful that Paige showed up with the gorgeous chair you’ll see below (she also owns The Foundry Rental Co.), which gave some extra flair given that we were limited to where we could shoot with the rain. When I saw this sneak peek, I was very excited. And then I saw the email in my inbox this morning and got teary eyed looking at all of the photos. I feel so incredibly blessed (I’m “so basic,” I know) to have these two in my life. Sasha is the best best-friend and husband I could ask for, and I didn’t know it was possible to love anyone like I love Isla. 

Thank you, Paige, for capturing these special moments. It’s amazing to see how much she’s grown since our photos last year, and even since Isla’s first birthday photos. Please don’t retire from photography or move before 2037.

50 days until Christmas! I can’t wait!

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Photography by Paige Budde | Chair Rental from The Foundry Rental Co. | Sasha’s Navy Shirt | Sasha’s Gray Shirt from J. Crew last year (Similar) | Isla’s Plaid Dress from GapKids (Similar) | Isla’s Rainbow Dress from Halabaloo | Isla’s Silver Shoes | My Skirt | My Plaid Shirt from Gap (Sold Out – Similar) | My Blue Dress


  1. These are amaaaaaaazing! All of them! Your family is the cutest! I love all the ones of just you and Sasha too!! Your christmas card is going to be SO GOOD!

    And I always love Isla & her cupcakes. the best!!

    And this makes me want our family photos done. ASAP! You travel for free don’t you? 😉 hahahaha

  2. I have tears spilling down my cheeks. I love looking at the joy and adoration on your faces in these gorgeous captures. Paige, you do amazing work. And Petrovics, you ARE amazing. What we see is what we get, the real deal. I love you, Ailee. Thank you for sharing your precious private life a bit, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any couple quite so lovely. You inspire me in ways you don’t even realize. <3

  3. Ailee these pictures are gorgeous!! Such a great time capsule of this wonderful time in your life. So happy you have so many pictures of Isla while she’s little, because kids grow up so fast! Love your outfits too, stunning!

  4. They couldn’t be more perfect!!!! Sweetest little family and the outfits are seriously on point. Love them all. How the heck are you going to choose?!


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