Last weekend, our little family headed to True Food Kitchen for post-church brunch. It only opened last year, but has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in the city (tofu lettuce wraps, fall harvest salad, fun fruity cocktails, delicious beet juice – yes, please). At 17 months, Isla has become increasingly agitated with sitting in uncomfortable, wooden highchairs at restaurants, so we decided to bring our Bumbo chair for her to sit in instead. It’s super light to carry and straps easily onto chairs. Although there is an attachable tray that tucks into the back, it puts toddlers at the perfect height to use the dining table. As you can see from these photos, Isla feels (and acts – reading that menu upside down!) like she’s ‘one of us’ when she’s in her chair.

Questions for the moms out there: Have you ever used a Bumbo at a restaurant? When did your kid(s) move from their highchair to a booster seat at the table? Did they have a Bumbo or similar seat? I love the Bumbo for restaurants, but need to buy non-fabric dining chairs before we move her at the house! Our suede chairs would be goners! Advice appreciated!

Bumbo1Ailee_Petrovic_151108_4B3A8231 Ailee_Petrovic_151108_4B3A8246

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  1. we went straight from the high chair to our regular chairs, no booster. even at restaurants. she was starting to have snacks at the island in the big chairs, so we switched at meals too. i dont know exactly when it was, but it must have been around 2 years, probably a little earlier. I have never seen a bumbo like that one before. looks handy!

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