Happy November! 52 days until Christmas! Can you believe it? I wish I was one of those savvy shoppers who had all of their holiday shopping completed by September, but alas, I am a last minute dash-to-the-store (ahem, order on Amazon Prime) people. The last few years, I’ve asked for practical gifts for Christmas, like things for Isla or for our house, and this year, I’m rebelling against that (much to Sasha’s chagrin – sorry babe!). Have you thought about what you’re going to put on your list? Do you even make a physical list or does your family and/or significant other just know you really well?

Last week’s Halloween festivities were a lot of fun and were kicked off by the ‘Mummy and Me’ party that my friend Destiny hosted (my post here and her post here with pictures). Isla dressed up in her cotton candy costume that I made last weekend. It was so big, and I laughed so hard I cried when she first tried it on, but I think she looked adorable!

Then, on Saturday (actual Halloween), we dressed Isla up as a cat in the morning so that she could get the most out of the day. Some of the kids at the Lifetime gym were so incredibly adorable, and I especially loved Olivia’s Minnie costume, Truman’s skunk costume, Kristine’s family’s Frozen costumes, Whitney and Milan’s fox costumes (an ode to their last name), Mila’s ballerina costume, and so many others.

The only low point of the week (besides all of the rain canceling even more family photo sessions!) was coming home on Friday after getting a mani/pedi to Isla having a huge knot and gash on her head. This is what happens when Daddy babysits while sports are on TV! Isla was climbing and fell face first towards our stone coffee table. The gash is still there and the bruise now looks green, but it’s definitely healing quickly thanks to my sweet friends’ suggestions (helpful hints here!). 

Besides the tumble, our week was full of positive moments, including:

  • Taking photos for Destiny and Elly at City Centre – these two ladies are so gorgeous and stylish to boot. Love taking their pictures!
  • Doing family photos for the Goates in Katy. Nora’s cuteness kills me.
  • Having our photos with Paige Budde at Menil (sneak peek here) and then taking photos of our friends in the evening (see cute fake snow pictures below!)!
  • Having our cousins and their sweet kiddos over for dinner on Wednesday. It’s so fun for the kids to play together! Isla was up way past her bedtime and loved it.
  • Taking photos for Alex and Jessica at River Oaks District, which has the coolest backdrops ever, and I’ll be so disappointed when they’re all taken down in lieu of Cartier, Dior, Gucci, etc.
  • Getting my eyebrows done at Brows by Jackie in Rice Village. It’s only the second time I’ve ever had them waxed, but I’m working on the whole arched brow thing. We’ll see how this progresses!
  • Meeting my friend Megan at Sweet Paris to catch up and for hugs. I love her! So talented and never fails to make me laugh!
  • Attending a Andrea Montgomery jewelry event with some other lovely Houston bloggers. Andrea is so talented and incredibly sweet. I cannot wait to share more details from the event!
  • Going ‘apple picking’ in our yard! Isla is obsessed (understatement) with apples – it’s all she wants to eat. I strung them with wire and hung them in the trees in our yard, and you would have thought she had won the lottery when she ran full speed out of our back door. She took a bite or two from each one and pulled them down. It was so fun!
  • Watching Fantastic Mr. Fox for 15-20 minutes every night and finally finishing it – we loved it! We’ve now seen every Wes Anderson movie except The Darjeeling Limited. Have you watched it? There are very mixed reviews!
  • Reading Meg’s book – 99 Problems and a Baby Ain’t One – it is so funny. I was laughing out loud at multiple spots (with Sasha sleeping in bed next to me!). I recommend it!
  • Attending a Instagram Styling Workshop hosted by Cake & Confetti with Michelle Able – love this dream team!
  • Getting my first manicure/pedicure done in about 5 months at Paradise Nails – of course, I came home to Isla’s booboo and then had Belle (our pup) smudge my nails with her paws causing Sasha say, “It’s just not meant to be.” #momlife
  • Going to the Shop 1975 pop-up with Jessica in Rice Village and meeting the two sweet (and super stylish) owners!
  • Scouting locations all around town for a few hours while Isla napped and finding some fun ones to add to my photo guide! I rarely scout because Isla is normally with me, so it was nice to just drive aimlessly around Houston.

PS I read this post by Whitney today and love it. It’s about ‘living in the now’ and such a refreshing reminder that the social media pressures of today are so trivial and that life is about so much more than like, comment and follower counts. Thanks, Whitney, for sharing.

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  1. I need to set the record straight. Isla banged her head on Friday after work (when no sports are on). She was trying to surf on her car seat (which Ailee took out #atfault) and then took it right on the lower forehead. She was a trooper and only freaked out for like 1 minute.

    Also, I’m going to have to QA Ailee’s Christmas list. Ailee is known for requesting Christmas presents 11 months of the year (#nopatience) and then forgetting she already cashed in on her present allocation through Christmas of 2018 come December.

    • You crack me up. Not at fault! But I retract the sports comment.

      And you are too generous. Love you.

  2. Love Isla’s little outfits and both her Halloween costumes were adorable! And yes I do make a physical wishlist which I make sure to email to my husband in time for his holiday shopping ?

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