I think I’ll just start every ‘Week in Review’ post (my only posts these days!) with a little Christmas countdown to help alleviate any Monday blues. 45 more days until my favorite day of the year – can you believe it? I am so excited. I also need to start thinking about what to buy everyone! I was so late in purchasing presents last year and promised myself I’d be more on top of things in 2015. We’ll see how that goes!

Last week was filled with lots of photography – ’tis the season, I suppose! Ha. Although many of the sessions made it onto my highlights list, the real high point was watching Isla’s obsession with Hillsong’s Touch the Sky music video grow and grow (be still my heart!). It calms her down no matter her mood, and lately, we’ve done bath, PJs, stories, prayer and then the video (on repeat). Then I’ll just lay her in bed, and she falls right asleep. She’s mesmerized! It calms me down too. I love that song so much. 

Some of my other favorite moments from the week include:

  • Taking photos of the cuteheads Cotton Candy Collection on Monday. I’m co-hosting the launch of the collection at Blue Leaf this Wednesday from 6-8pm – if you’re free, come on by!
  • Photographing fur babies with their parents at the West Elm x ASPCA event on Thursday! I was dying over the pups in their Christmas getups.
  • Getting to catch up briefly with Meredith when she came by our house for some Christmasy blankets for their family photos. The pictures are gorgeous! Michelle did such a great job.
  • Taking family photos and blog photos for Destiny. I love how both turned out! Her husband, Sid, and son, Truman, are equally as beautiful as her – they’re unreal!
  • Attending the Holiday Hosting Worth Posting event by House of Hough (more photos on their Instagram). Destiny and I rode together, and we left Truman and Isla with my mom. They were so cute and smoochy together when we got home!
  • Having a playdate with Taylor and photographing her new kitchen remodel (which is seriously so gorgeous). I’m excited for her to share the rest of the photos!
  • Taking photos at Lauren Mills’ baby shower. She wore this non-maternity Valentino dress and looked like ten million bucks! She is seriously glowing.
  • Taking three sets of family photos, some of which I’ve shown below! I’m going to do a roundup of all my holiday photos taken this season in a few weeks, and I’ll share more then!
  • Getting a long visit from my best friend, McKenzie, who just got back from a month in London for work! We missed her like crazy.
  • Taking photos for Margret of Style the Girl for the first time. She is seriously so nice and talkative – I can’t wait to hang out with her again soon.
  • Doing maternity photos at Lost Lake very early on Sunday morning. Michelle was glowing, and I love their baby girl’s name – Eleanor. 
  • Going to our church (Bayou City Fellowship) and hearing our Lead Pastor preach about hypocrisy. We love Curtis!
  • Having family dinner with my dad (Mum is in Scotland!) and sister from Ruggles Green. It had been way too long since I ate my goat cheese salad!
  • Eating breakfast at Sweet Paris on Saturday with Sasha and Isla – they met me after photos, and we drove around Rice Village on the way home. I love that area!
  • Testing out the new Bumbo at True Food Kitchen on Sunday after church. We  ran into Nasseim, an old high school friend! I cannot believe I graduated 9 years ago! That is crazy.

How was your week? What were your highlights?

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  1. Too many cute pics! Love the IB and PB combo pic with her new horse…super cute!

  2. You’re pictures continue to be stunning! You are always up to so much! How do you do it all!? Her pink hunter rain boots are the cutest!

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