Three posts in one day after 4+ weeks of having only a ‘Week in Review’ post? Things are getting crazy around here! Ha. Kidding (and don’t expect it to continue!). But back to the serious things in life: 36 days until Christmas. I am so excited. Get your Christmas lists ready! Holiday gift guides to come soon.

I shared some of our PJ traditions on Monday and our favorite new Bumbo seat yesterday, so this post got bumped back two days. Since it’s basically my online diary/how I keep track of all-things-past, I didn’t want to skip it entirely! The past week had me pulling out my hair more often than not, but I keep reminding myself of the fun holiday events coming up soon, and it gets me through the very, very late nights.

The week was filled with lots of highlights and fun friend/family time, including:

  • Having my dad babysit (multiple times) by himself! My mom is out of town, and he’s really stepped up to the plate (with Sasha’s mom too). He did call me to ask if she was able to go to sleep with the hiccups (ahem, yes?), so I’m more concerned with her being overly cared for versus the alternative.
  • Going to Isla’s swim class, which is normally at Dad’s Club but is currently being held at Dive Tech while renovations take place. Isla throws a fit when we have to leave which is 10% cute because she obviously loves it and 90% embarrassing.
  • Co-hosting a party at Blue Leaf to celebrate the launch of cuteheads’ new collection. I was hosting alongside two fabulous women – Lauren Mills of Sunday Beach and Candace Taylor of Luxe with Kids.
  • Getting coffee with my former co-worker, Rowland, at Fellini at CityCentre and catching up on life. He is the best!
  • Eating Sunday lunch at Ruggles Green with our good friends and their newborn baby Archer.
  • Enjoying dinner at Benjys with our sweet friends whose photos I took beforehand at Discovery Green, which is a fun and colorful spot in downtown Houston.
  • Having a family dinner at Adair Kitchen on Saturday after I finished taking family photos for Megan of Willow Crowns. Their photos make me swoon.
  • Picking up lunch at Buff Burger, which is the best place ever. Alice agrees with me! I could eat their veggie burger every single day!
  • Eating brunch with my younger sister, Jill, and her boyfriend, Kevin, at Sweet Paris in Rice Village. Jill is in med school and is busy, busy, busy, so we don’t get to see them as often as we would like!
  • Taking newborn photos of sweet Tinley Hope, whose nursery is seriously the most gorgeous thing ever. I’m going to do a post with the photos soon! I also took photos for the sweetest little two week old, John, whose nursery was equally amazing. Rifle Paper Co. prints everywhere = my kind of place!
  • Photographing a fun little project with Magen Pastor above Tout Suite! We’re not sharing these just yet, but I’m bursting at the seams because her twins are seriously drop dead gorgeous and the pictures turned out great!
  • Meg Owens pictures at Centennial Gardens
  • Taking blogger outfit photos for Alex Carreno downtown, Ashley Seippel at Highland Village, Jessica Gentry at the Menil Collection, and Elly (plus her husband and oldest son) at Highland Village. These ladies are the best!
  • Taking family photos for our good friends at Terry Hershey Park. I feel like Pierson was just born and all of a sudden he is three years old, running around and throwing fake snow. Ugh, time slow down!
  • Photographing the sweetest family at TC Jester Park and getting some fun tiny Santa hat photos of their two sweet boys (one shown below).
  • Taking first birthday party photos at Briargrove Park for Liam’s Woodland One-derland (sneak peek here). I will definitely share ALL of these pictures! The theme and decor was entirely too cute.
  • Taking photos of our friends at their insanely stunning new house which backs onto a lake and I was googly-eyeing them while editing! Their family is so handsome, and the setting for the photos couldn’t have been better.
  • Hanging out in PJs on a number of occasions for the Carter’s post! Nothing to complain about there!

Hope you’re having an amazing week so far! Happy Hump Day – we’re halfway to Friday! 

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