Today’s Christmas countdown is brought to you with sheer excitement as well as some panic, given that I have not bought a single gift, and we’re going to be sitting under a tree unwrapping presents in just 30 days. Yay and yikes. Black Friday sales, here I come. And by that, I totally mean Cyber Monday because let’s get real: I am not patient and will not go and stand in any lines at the mall.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so I’ll save you from the details on , and that Sasha told me he felt like a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) this weekend (ha, shocking that a husband would do dishes and laundry!!). I am so incredibly grateful for amazing opportunities, but also ready for family photo season to come to an end, as I want to see my family again!

Also, my mom was unexpectedly in the hospital this weekend, but she is back at home now and in good spirits. We greatly appreciate the calls, texts and prayers! 

Other than that definite low-light of the week, some of the more fun moments included:

  • Meeting and photographing Caroline Harper Knapp of House of Harper at her house twice – the second time involved a very smokey situation, as the flue was stuck… and we only realized that after the fire was started! Thank goodness her GC was nearby and came to fix the situation!
  • Going to the Buzz magazine office for a meeting – excited to work with them on photography and contribute for a fun (and relevant to all of this blogging/Houston creatives) article!
  • Ducking out of the rainstorm for TCBY with Leah of The Monogram Shop – I love her!
  • Taking head shots with the fun gals behind Moms Without Answers. They were very colorful, and I’m excited for you to see them (sneak peek below!).
  • Doing a holiday blanket pickup around town and getting to chat briefly to Meredith and my old Accenture boss, Andrew, whose wife just had twins!
  • Taking five sets of family photos at Rice University (with Elly Brown‘s adorable family!), Lakeside Country Club, Lost Lake, the Arboretum, and the Menil Collection.
  • Going to Isla’s swim class, which is always so much fun until we have to leave… which she never wants to do. Cue tantrum! She would truly want to stay in that pool all day long!
  • Meeting my good friend Alexis for drinks at Devine in Memorial. I could literally talk to her for hours at a time, and I always leave with a laundry list of things I forgot to ask her about!
  • Taking photos for Lauren Mills of Sunday Beach twice on Friday – in the morning and afternoon. She is a doll, and that bump is the cutest thing ever!
  • Going to Sasha’s grandma’s Slava, which is a holiday celebrating a family’s patron saint. His mom hosted it at her house, and it was so great to see Sasha’s cousins and their kids.
  • Surprising one of my best friends, Kirby, at Down House for dinner on Sunday. She is visiting her family for Thanksgiving, and we got to shower her (and sweet baby Henry in her belly) with love! I miss her so badly and wish they lived in Houston!
  • Eating lunch at Carabbas on Saturday before heading to REI for our family’s annual trip where we all get a new jacket. I got a new ‘Underwater Blue’ Patagonia puffer jacket that I love, and Isla got a new fleece and her first backpack. I’m obsessed!
  • Having my SIL, her boyfriend, Sasha’s dad and stepmom over for late lunch on Sunday. Ivana lives in San Francisco (we’re visiting in a few weeks!), and I love when she is in town. As does Isla, who has been saying, “NANA!” on repeat for days.
  • Photographing our sweet friends, Amanda and Scott, at Memorial Park with their rescue pup, Gilbert. We may or may not have been surprised mid-shoot when the cops showed up with flashing lights on. Whoops. I guess we weren’t supposed to drive down that dirt road! No arrests though, thank goodness.

I hope you had a fabulous week and that this one is starting off well too. Happiest early Thanksgiving!! xo

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  1. Great photos! Next time I would like to see a few more of Belle and me facing forward!

  2. Hope your mom is ok Ailee? Give her my love. Your wee girl is a cutie pie x

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