Happy Cyber Monday! Have you taken advantage of any of the amazing deals yet? I hope Sasha is not home when my boxes arrive! Some of my favorite stores’ sales include Madewell: 25% off your entire purchase, LOFT: 50% off everything, J. Crew: 30% off everything, Gap: 40% off everything, Old Navy: 40% off everything, and Nordstrom: Up to 40% off. Yikes

Anyway, can you believe there are only 32 days until Christmas? I’m so excited. Sasha finally got our tree down from the attic last night, and I started decorating. I need some serious help though! 

  • Having our annual Serbian “cousin night out” at Benjys and then heading to karaoke at Glitter afterwards. Sasha and I sang Uptown Funk and embarrassed ourselves, but had a great time doing it!
  • Eating dinner at Ruggles Green with one of my best friends, Kirby, and Isla’s best friend, Lillian. Isla pushed Lily around in her doll stroller and loved it!
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving day with my family, our friends and then Sasha’s family! I love that holiday so much – it’s so nice to spend a whole day with people you love!
  • Putting up the tree and decor – follow along on Snapchat @aileepetrovic for short little videos!
  • Taking my family’s photos with a latter and umbrella in the rain… we are crazy! See photographic evidence below!
  • Photographing five sweet families in various pretty spots throughout the week and on Saturday and Sunday!
  • Getting a small toe surgery to remove an ingrown toe nail on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving… just an hour before taking family photos!
  • Doing a festive Christmas shoot at Firethorne with two of the most gorgeous little ladies!
  • Taking blog photos for Alex, Destiny, Sara and Caroline – a busy fashion blog week!
  • Taking Lauren Mills’ family photos at her parent’s house!
  • Having a call with Natasha of Burdlife for an upcoming shoot – she is so sweet and I’m excited to collaborate with her!

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you participating in Cyber Monday sales?

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  1. Excuse me, lady, how come did I not know you had Snapchat?? Following you on there pronto!!!

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