healthyholidayIt’s almost time to write your New Year Resolutions, which, for many people, will include something about getting back into shape or eating healthier. I’m still working on mine, and want to reevaluate my progress on my 2015 resolutions (shared here).Salata Holiday

One of the easiest ways to make wise meal choices is to pick a healthy restaurant that won’t tempt you with high calorie menu items. I love eating at Salata, because every ingredient has the calorie count on the identifying label as you walk through the salad bar line. On multiple occasions this holiday season, we’ve had guests over to the house – sometimes just a handful and other times, a lot of people. We chose to let Salata take care of the food. Yesterday, my sister-in-law called to say she was coming over, so I went on my way home to get food for her, Isla and myself. I chose to make the Keen Wah (quinoa, get it?) Kale salad, which included kale, radish, red onion, jicama, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, cranberry, and quinoa, with balsamic vinaigrette as the dressing. Isla got a similar salad, and Ivana got the Green Goodness as a wrap. You can see the whole catering menu here.

I love having people over to the house and making fun cocktails, appetizers, and healthy desserts, but I’m definitely more comfortable with having Salata for the salad course. Everyone loves it.

What do you normally do for having people over at your house? Have you tried Salata’s catering yet? 

Hope you have a wonderful NYE celebration tomorrow!  Ailee_Petrovic_151229_L86A8692

salatalogoI am part of the Salata Blogger Program. I was not paid for this post, but received goods (food!) for free. You have my word that all opinions are my own (and are honest!).

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