The Christmas countdown isn’t funny anymore – only 3 days, and I haven’t wrapped a single gift! Yikes. I plan on doing that tomorrow!

The last week marked the end of family photo season, not that I won’t take any others, but the crazy busy weekends have come to an end, and I can actually take days off! I am so incredibly grateful for all of my clients – friends, family, friends of friends, total strangers who are now friends, etc. I am so tickled every time a Christmas card arrives in our mailbox with photos that I took! I love it.

Some of the highlights from the past week include:

  • Meeting Alex at Uptown Park for photos, then having coffee with Meredith at Starbucks afterwards! 
  • Taking Isla to her 18 month appointment (post to follow tomorrow!) – of course, the shots weren’t any fun for either of us! 
  • Taking newborn photos for Caroline’s babe, Andrew, who is so sweet! Check out her post here.
  • Meeting at Esther’s house for a fun styled shoot. Check out her post here.
  • Taking photos of Molly at the River Oaks District – she’s stunning and I adore her style!
  • Photographing Destiny at River Oaks District on Friday and then having an impromptu lunch at Ruggles Green at CityCentre afterwards with her husband and son, and Sasha and Isla met us too!
  • Meeting one of my sweet college friends, Desi, and my sister, Karine, for dinner at Downhouse on Friday. Lots of great chats and catching up!
  • Enjoying a family lunch after church at Sweet Paris – we love that place so much! 
  • Taking my last set of family photos for my friend, Amy, whom I’ve known since we were in elementary! Her son, Brooks, is adorable!
  • Going to the Willow Crowns pop up shop at West Elm and meeting Stephanie for the first time! I’m so proud of these two boss ladies!
  • Eating dinner at Adair Kitchen on Saturday with my sister, then watching Spy afterwards, which is hilarious!

How was your week? Are you ready for Christmas? Bought all of your gifts? Wrapped them? Traveling for the holiday? Hope you’re having the best day! xo

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  1. I’m just so happy we’re friends on Snapchat! Snaps of Isla are always entertaining!

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