Happy New Year! I have already written 2015 a handful of times and expect that won’t change until February (at the earliest). I can’t believe that this is the year of my 10 year high school reunion – where in the world did time go? 

This is a busy week, as we will celebrate Serbian Christmas on Thursday and go to a church service the day before. I’m currently working on editing engagement photos, which I love already! I cannot wait to share some soon (sneak peek on Instagram here).

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Spending NYE with our friends Destiny, Sid, Jessica and Bubba – we had lots of fun ringing in the new year with them at our house!
  • Hosting game night with my sister-in-law, Bob, my sister, Kevin, and our friends, Blake and Michelle – we played Taboo and it got very, very competitive. The women obviously swept every round.
  • Taking two sets of newborn photos – two boys, of course (I feel like every baby born recently is a boy!). They were both adorable!
  • Taking photos of Lauren at Highland Village – she is the sweetest and looks incredible at 33 weeks!
  • Going to (and photographing) Lilly’s first birthday party on January 1! The details were unbelievable. Some sneak peeks below! Post to come soon!
  • Taking photos of Destiny at her house – we snuck in some NYE pictures, and she even got behind the lens to take some photos of me and Isla!
  • Photographing Caroline at her house and then doing outfit pictures at the River Oaks District. I cannot believe she just had Andrew – she definitely does not look like she was ever pregnant!
  • Spending quality time with my sister-in-law, who is in town from San Francisco! I love her!
  • Going to Bayou City Fellowship on Sunday! I love our church home.
  • Giving Meredith a brief camera tutorial at our house (which resulted in that pink photo below!) before she headed to Vegas and Palm Springs (lucky lady!). 
  • Having our cousin, Kristina, and her sweet friend, Allie, over to the house and catching up with them – we even swung by HEB to do curbside pickup of our groceries (you don’t even leave the car… it’s a dream come true!)

How was your week? How did you celebrate NYE?

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