It’s Tuesday evening, and I’m just now getting around to writing last week’s review post, as it has been a pretty crazy past few days. Isla seems to have gotten into a routine of waking up around 3am and not wanting to go back to sleep for a few hours. I feel a bit like a zombie, and then I remember that a few of our good friends are nursing newborns every 2-3 hours! Oh goodness – those are the craziest days! 

We arrived home from Australia on Sunday the 31st, then I took Monday off and ran some errands, like picking Belle up from Meredith’s house. She had the best time with the Staggers – their yard is way bigger than ours, and she is always ten times more spoiled by others than she is by me during the day. Belle was excited to see Isla though! The two of them have been inseparable since we got them home together.

Other highlights from the past week include:

  • Catching up with and photographing some of my favorite ladies – DestinyCaroline and Molly
  • Finally meeting one of my SIL’s best friends, Jenny, whom I adore. She stayed with us on Friday night, and we galavanted across the city on Saturday, taking photos for her site – Jenny Journey. We got in trouble from security guards, almost froze to death in gusty winds and had lots of good laughs. It’s rare you find someone so genuine and uplifting – I love her so much and cannot wait to follow along on, well… the Jenny journey.
  • Taking newborn photos for the sweetest couple and their adorable bundle of joy, Morgan. He was so calm during the entire session!
  • Spending time with our family after being gone for two weeks – Isla went to Katy for a day to see my parents. She loves Mimi and Papa!
  • Baking ‘thank you’ cookies for our neighbor with Isla, and then having them eaten by Belle when I wasn’t looking – I was none too pleased with her!

How was your week? Up to anything exciting for Valentine’s Day? Ailee_Petrovic_160207_L86A2587Ailee_Petrovic_160204_L86A0968 Ailee_Petrovic_160204_L86A0980Ailee_Petrovic_160204_L86A0993Ailee_Petrovic_160202_L86A9778 Ailee_Petrovic_160202_L86A9717-2 Ailee_Petrovic_160202_L86A9808 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0051 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0165 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0824 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0642 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0709 Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1040-2 Ailee_Petrovic_160206_L86A2288 Ailee_Petrovic_160206_L86A2219-2 Ailee_Petrovic_160206_L86A2555  Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1682-3 Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1087 Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1722  Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1121 Ailee_Petrovic_160205_L86A1758 Ailee_Petrovic_160204_L86A0925 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0848 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0905 Ailee_Petrovic_160203_L86A0886      


  1. Girl, after seeing you in your natural habitat, I am even more IN AWE. Somehow it all gets done, with a smile on your gorgeous face. You are unwavering in your support, love and enthusiasm. Please come to Dallas, STAT, so we can have more pink bubbles and laughs and I can cook YOU guys dinner! XOXOXOX

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