Happy Monday (and Leap Day!)! Today is Sasha’s first day at his new job at Google, so while he’s touring the Googleplex, eating free (delicious!) food, and learning more about what his role entails, Isla and I are in Houston wishing we had hopped on the plane with him. I told him the next time he goes to California, we’re joining – mainly so we can see our sweet friends, Kristy and Olivia! Sasha requested that we watch The Internship (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie set on Google’s campus) on Friday night, and we’ve had some good jokes since then about the culture shock he’s about to face. Let’s just say that old school Oil & Gas clients aren’t Googley.

On another side note, I’m hosting an Instagram photo challenge! You can find more details here! I hope you play along (especially since you can win a $20 Starbucks gift card for doing so!). 

The week flew by, busy with photos and activities – seeing lots of family and friends (which we love). Some of the highlights include:

  • Going to Tiny’s No. 5 for this month’s #boxwoodsbreakfastclub (ironically at lunchtime) and getting to see some of my favorite ladies and meet others who are equally as sweet!
  • Taking photos for Caroline and Destiny at Discovery Green – I love shooting downtown. It has such a fun street vibe.
  • Photographing Alex for a Target swimsuit campaign! She just got engaged, and her ring is gorgeous! I am so excited for her and Rick.
  • Meeting Lauren at Clinique in the Galleria for photos for an upcoming campaign. It is insane to think that she had her baby boy (Ford) just 14 days earlier! She looks amazing. It’s not fair!
  • Meeting with Riley (I’m obsessed) of Papellerie to discuss some stationery photos I’ll be taking – seriously cannot wait!
  • Attending a workshop at Renovate hosted by Emily Reeves Calligraphy and The Briar Rose – two talented ladies! It was so much fun, and I’ll share more details this week!
  • Briefly catching up with Leah at The Monogram Shop – looking forward to our lunch today! I love her.
  • Sipping wine with Meredith, Brittany, Michelle and Alyssa at The Tasting Room on Monday for Happy Hour. Brittany is the best cheerleader ever and made us all tear up with her amazing motivational (and Godly!) speech.
  • Photographing sweet Charlie – a tiny newborn wearing grown up man clothing, which I have a weakness for. Babies in suspenders? I can’t.
  • Taking sorority and sister photos at Hermann Park and Centennial Gardens with two gorgeous gals – I wish I had been a quarter that pretty and cool at their age! 
  • Going to church and then eating lunch with my parents in Katy on Sunday!
  • Remembering our sweet Uncle Toma with a memorial lunch with Sasha’s family on Saturday. We miss him so much and talk about him often – I think this Helen Keller quote is so true: “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” 
  • Going to a dermatologist appointment with Dr. Debra Chernosky, whom I love (and highly recommend!) on Monday, only to be told by my frugal husband I needed to wait to fulfill any medicine for a week until we get better insurance. I’m pretty sure it would have been a $10 difference! Ha. Crazy men!

How was your week? Can you believe it’s March tomorrow?

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  1. Kathryn York Reply

    Such a small world, I love Dr. Chernowsky! Your photos are beautiful as always. I am giggling over the O&G to Google switch. I can’t even imagine!

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