Oh Daylight Savings! How much fun is that? 😉 Sunday was very slow moving with us all operating on an hour less sleep, but overall, the whole weekend was one of our most relaxed in months. Therefore, I have no complaints at all! After a very hectic week, it was much needed. Sasha was in California again for work, so I was a one-man show, fortunately with help from family! I mentioned this last week, but seriously – single moms are heroes.

Some highlights from the week include:

  • Going to my first spin class at RYDE with some of the other bloggers in the #boxwoodsbreakfastclub – it was such a good class! I absolutely loved it.
  • Getting a fresh chop and a tiny bit of summery color with Eric Vaughn, then running across town for the cuteheads x The Monogram Shop Easter shoot (those kids though!).
  • Photographing Esther and gorgeous baby Tova for a collaboration with Solly Baby.
  • Taking blog photos for Caroline at BLVD Place, Destiny at CityCentre and Alex at our house! Isla borrowed Alex’s Henri Bendel purse and was strutting her stuff – we were cracking up.
  • Enjoying a few postponed shoots due to the rain and getting to sip coffee with Meredith at the house while Isla entertained us with Snapchat filters!
  • Going to the Rising Tide Society meeting at Fill in the Blank Studios – it was about taxes, and I actually learned a ton!
  • Attending the Macy’s event that Destiny was co-hosting with Emily and Alice – it was so fun and I got to see some other sweet blogger girls.
  • Finally getting to eat dinner at Coltivare – it is so busy!!! We got there 20 minutes after it opened, and there was an hour wait, so we sat at the chef’s table. It wasn’t the best, but we had a great time and the food was delicious!
  • Running into Elly at the gym on Saturday morning – she looked like a total doll, and I was wearing bleach trays in public #embarrassing!!
  • Taking a trip to Walgreens with Isla, with her refusing to get dressed… so that was interesting (she did have a diaper on though)! She got a lot of comments. Ha! Mom of the year right here.
  • Shooting cuteheads‘ new collection – it is so cute, and I cannot wait for you to see it all! Some sneak peeks below.
  • Taking sweet Blakely’s newborn photos! She was such a doll.

Hope you had a wonderful week too and are catching up on some sleep!

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  1. Sasha Petrovic Reply

    Isla is starting a new fashion trend…diaper + hand bag only!

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