Week in Review

April 12, 2016

Happy Tuesday! When my WIR posts don’t make it out on Monday, it’s pretty indicative of what the weekend and start of the week looked like. I feel like it has been nonstop go-go-go the past few weeks, and finally today it’s a bit slower (by that, I mean only two short blogger shoots!). Sasha is still traveling every week for work, which is bad for a number of reasons: most importantly, because we miss him, but also because I need someone to say, “Ailee, it’s midnight, GET IN BED!” Ha! Time flies when you’re alone at your desk at night. Do y’all work with music or TV on? I find I can only be productive in absolute silence. 

Anyway, I digress. Although the week was busy, there were lots of wonderful moments, like:

  • Spending lots of time with my sister-in-law, who was in town for two of her bridal showers – one on Saturday in Katy and another I co-hosted on Sunday at The Polo Club. We got our hair blown out beforehand at Dry Bar, then I grabbed the gorgeous floral arrangements from Meredith (as well as her amazing flamingo hat) and headed to the party. It was so much fun – Ivana is loved by so many people!
  • Working with Meggie of Organized Life Design on a fun guest room closet clean out – below photo shown below! I can’t wait to share more details! 
  • Celebrating the launch of the #sugarandclothcolorwall – it was so much fun and there was an amazing turnout. Excited for Ashely and Jared
  • Having my older sister over for dinner twice – she introduced me to Door Dash (G A M E   C H A N G E R!!!). I love getting to spend time with her. Sasha made us watch an old Brad Pitt movie, which I thought was weird at first, but then got into it once I understood the plot.
  • Eating an extremely last minute dinner with one of my favorite people on this planet – Paola (or ‘PC Pants’). She had a layover in Houston on her way home to Honduras and missed it by a hair. I felt bad for her travel horror story, but loved that I got to break bread with her at Adair Kitchen. I miss her so much! 
  • Going to Isla’s swim class at Dad’s Club (hooray!) – we’ve been using another facility for months now due to renovations, but the weather is finally good enough to have classes outside again. I am so excited, because the pool is so close to our house! Isla wore her new swimsuit from SwimZip, which I totally adore and want in my size! More to come on SwimZip soon!
  • Getting coffee at Adair Kitchen with a former co-worker (she was way higher than me in the organization, but we worked together on a number of non-client projects!) and chatting about life and work. I love her!
  • Watching Isla play with her little cousins who live nearby in their backyard (lots of slides, swings, jungle gym, pool, etc. = Isla’s heaven). Belle was having a great time too (as well as the adults!). 
  • Taking a quick trip to The Monogram Shop and chatting with Leah – it’s unbelievable that she’s about to give birth any day now, because she looks so good!
  • Taking three sets of family photos – a total of four adorable boys and one girl whose cuteness I cannot handle! Families and newborns are still my favorite thing to photograph. I love kids and babies!
  • Photographing Destiny, Megan, Lauren, Caroline (twice!), Molly and Lilly – it was a busy blogger week! Thank goodness I love those gals.
  • Grabbing coffee with my photographer crush, Traci Ling, at Tout Suite, and running into Carrie and another amazing Houston photographer Maritere Rice.

I hope you had a fabulous week! 

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