Happy Monday! Can you believe that it’s May already?!? Isla turns two in a month and two days, and that is so incredibly frightening to me! I cannot believe it. I’m also not ready for her party, so there’s that!

We had a busy weekend, moving around from Houston to Austin to Dripping Springs, then back to Houston to feed Belle, then to Galveston for Serbian Easter celebrations. It was such a fun wedding – we loved celebrating Danay and Patrick with other sweet friends, and Easter was a lot of fun with the family. Today is a much quieter day, thank goodness – time to catch up on edits and life in general!

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Taking poolside photo of Molly and Caroline at a gorgeous pool – one of the On Point Custom Homes! Seriously, it is a dream.
  • Photographing Megan and Elly (did you see her exciting announcement??) at CityCentre, Lauren at Color Wall and Lyndsey at Tiny Boxwoods and Highland Village (her girls are so darn cute!).
  • Spending the evening and eating dinner with Destiny, Sid and Truman with Isla for blog photos and a fun video that she’ll share tomorrow. We love the Thompsons!
  • Seeing Monica to pick up some gorgeous bachelorette goodies and photographing some of her amazing laser cut items – she is so talented!
  • Having a fun creative shoot for Pour L’Amour Creative with Meredith and Brittany – I love how everything turned out! They’re three talented ladies!
  • Photographing Joy at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Sugarland – y’all, you will feel like you’re in India when you go there. It’s gorgeous!! Seriously blown away.
  • Creating a sweet sundae shoot with Meredith to test out a fun new video technique we’re working on – I think we should make a series out of it!! Did you see the video yet?

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday so far! xo

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