Happy Monday! Unsurprisingly, it is bucketing rain right now in Houston! We’re having some serious cabin fever. April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, not more showers, right? Hopefully it’s very lush in June! Ha. 

I leave for Durango on Thursday for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party this weekend, and then I’m staying another two weeks. Sasha and Isla will join me and my parents on Sunday. I’m excited for a little vacation, and especially for the fun party ahead! The week before a long vacation is always hectic, so Lord help me to get through it!

Last week was jam packed with the following highlights:

  • Taking photos of:
    • Molly at her house and in the Heights
    • A mocktail/cocktail shoot with Meg, Monica, Meredith and cheerleader Brittany – find recipes on Meredith’s blog here
    • An Emerson Sloan fiesta party in West U
    • M+M Couture jewelry shoot in Piney Point
    • Alex near Dish Society
    • Destiny at CityCentre twice, followed by lunch at Ruggles Green and another time for dinner at Brios with Sid too! 
    • J. McLaughlin event on Tuesday evening hosted by Caroline
    • Elly in Rice Village
  • Running a million errands on Friday to prepare for Ivana’s bachelorette next weekend and Isla’s birthday party when we get back from Colorado, including two trips to Home Depot and USPS, HEB, Hobby Lobby, the dry cleaners, T.J. Maxx and Paper Source
  • Meeting with Monica to pickup some fun goodies for Isla’s party – then spending Friday night modgepodge-ing!
  • Going to Memorial City Mall on Sunday with my sister-in-law (who was in town briefly before heading to Chicago) to buy some stuff for the party! 
  • Having my Dad babysit solo for the first time while I photographed an event – he did such a great job. Isla is lucky to have the best Papa ever!
  • Celebrating Sasha’s mom’s birthday on Friday! 
  • Visiting Papellerie to pickup Isla’s invitations that I had help prepping with Molly and mailed out at the end of the week!
  • Giggling for ten+ minutes on Sunday night while reading Isla a bedtime story – she thinks that passing gas (‘Toot toot!’) is absolutely hysterical, and she had us laughing so hard as she tried her very best to keep them coming. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages, and as we were cracking up, all I could think was: I want this memory engrained in my brain forever. I just love her so much!

Hope you had a great week! Stay dry if you’re in Houston!!

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  1. Please come plan Simon’s party… right now there is no party because his mommy is a mess! Miss you!! xx.

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