Happiest Monday! The past week flew by, and I cannot believe we are almost halfway through the month of June. Where is time going?! We’ve got a full week in Houston, then head to Austin next Wednesday for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I am so excited for a little mini-trip, and even more ready for these nuptials!! It’s going to be gorgeous, and I cannot wait to wait Ivana walk down the aisle in her insanely beautiful dress.

Some highlights from the past week included:

  • Celebrating Sasha’s birthday with dinner at La Vista (his favorite!) on Friday and then having a few people over for game night after (surprise, surprise – the ladies won Taboo!). 
  • Photographing six Cuteheads dresses in 36 hours – a feat made possible only by Isla’s recent adoration of all things princess.
  • Having my final (3rd) consultation from Meggie of Organized Life Design – we tackled my desk this week and ohmygosh, what a difference she made! Everything is so organized. I’m obsessed. Detail post to come soon! 
  • Attending the Aces of Taste High Tea event hosted by Meredith, which was (as to be expected) perfect. Every detail was beautiful!
  • Celebrating Kevin’s 2nd birthday at the Adamson’s house – everything looked so cute, and I loved getting to catch up with Alexis and Mike.
  • Photographing Elly, MollyAlex and Roberta, whose blog is launching soon!
  • Going to BHLDN with my sister-in-law and our cousin to pick out bridesmaids dresses – I ended up buying a skirt/top combo! The wedding is in 13 days… nothing like waiting until the 11th hour!! 
  • Photographing some of Sarah’s (Owner of By George Baby Boutique) gorgeous swaddle blankets during a shoot with Esther’s adorable baby girl, Tova.
  • Eating Sunday lunch at my parent’s house in Katy!
  • Going to a few doctor appointments which Isla hated and prompted her to say, “All done doctor” at least 10 times a day ever since! Like mother, like daughter.
  • Sending Isla off to swim class with Sasha wearing her new sweet watermelon swimsuit!
  • Splashing around in Isla’s new flamingo pool, which her adorable hat, new sunnies, and matching flamingo swimsuit – all gifted to Isla by Truman (via Destiny) for her birthday!
  • Submitting Isla’s party on Project Nursery – I seriously adore that site and use it for all kinds of inspiration! 

Hope you had an amazing week and that your Monday is starting off on a good note too! xo

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