I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday! The past week was one of those that seems to fly by, but at the same time lasted forever. I am finally (sort of) caught up on emails and edits, which feels great. Now to tackle thank you cards for Isla… I’m thinking that is a car ride task, as we’re driving to Austin on Wednesday to see some friends and hangout before the big wedding this weekend. So excited! Lots of prep happened last week, and every detail is going to be so perfect. Ivana seriously looks like a princess – which Isla will likely remind her 10,000 times on Saturday. 

Some highlights from the past week:

  • Eating family lunch and then spending the afternoon at my parent’s house – swimming, riding bikes, walking around the neighborhood and feeding the ducks (and turtle!). We were exhausted afterwards, but had the best time with Mimi and Papa!
  • Photographing adorable newborn twin girls in their perfectly decorated nursery! I want twins so badly!! Ha. I’ve been told I need to be careful what I wish for. 
  • Taking Douglas’ 6 month photos – it feels like we just took his newborn pictures! I can’t believe it. He was so smiley and cute. 
  • Doing blog photos for Molly, Elly, and Lauren in record timing. It is so hot outside, we move extra fast!
  • Visiting LifeTime almost every day because (like I just said), it’s scorching hot and I cannot get all 15,000 of my steps (FitBit addict!) without going on the treadmill/using the AC!
  • Neighing alongside the horses at Houston Polo Club… basically Isla’s heaven!
  • Eating an impromptu lunch with Karine at Ruggles Green after a little contact fiasco! Needless to say, I’ve got an eye appointment today. It’s very overdue!
  • Chatting with Jessica when she came to drop off Isla’s adorable gift and catch up! Love and miss her!!!
  • Taking cuteheads bloomer photos with Margret’s precious daughter, Sofia!
  • Having a much needed girls night at Benjy’s with three of my closest friends (since high school!) and then heading to Amanda’s afterwards. 
  • Getting coffee with Jordan at PJs to discuss blogging – I’m excited for her to launch her site soon!

Hope you had a great week too!

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