Is anyone else really ready for the holiday weekend? I am so excited, and I have grand plans to have zero plans at all. Ivana and Bob got married in the most gorgeous ceremony and reception ever this past weekend – we are so excited for them, and feeling all sorts of jealousy as they jet off first class to Bora Bora. Totally smooshing myself into their luggage!

We drove to Austin last Wednesday and spent the next few days at dress fittings, the tailor, seeing sweet friends who we don’t see often enough, eating at some of our favorite spots – even squeezing in some engagement photos for Patrick and Betsy. 

The wedding rehearsal dinner was at the Oasis, then the ceremony and reception on Saturday was at Lakeway Resort and Spa, and we had a Sunday BBQ at the lake. It was a busy weekend, but lots of fun. I’m dying to see the photos that their talented photographer, Jenna McElroy, took!! 

Hope y’all had the best week too! Stay cool and have so much fun this weekend!

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  1. I don’t know how you do it, busy babe, manage to do ALL THE THINGS and look as gorgeous and calm as you do. It wasn’t nearly enough time that I got to be around you and your brood. I love you!

  2. This is so cute! Love all the little girl pictures! So adorable. I am pregnant so it hits close to home! Can’t wait to take these pictures!!! If you are looking for some cute little girl stuff for a photo shoot or have people looking for stuff for wedding pictures have them check out 🙂 I can not wait to see more!

  3. This may sound so wrong, but I’m obsessed with your little, gorgeous family! Isla took on her parents’ beautiful genes!

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