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Although I was born Scotland and all of my extended family still live in the UK, Texas definitely feels like home. I always bug Sasha about becoming an ex-pat so that we can travel the world (à la the Montgomerys), but I definitely love living here in the Lone Star State.  Houston has so much to offer – from sprawling parks to nationally acclaimed restaurants, one of the best zoos in the country, the highest ranked Medical Center in the world, a wide variety of shops… I could go on and on. Within hours, you can get to Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas – three exciting cities with their own lengthy brag sheets. 

I’m a big proponent of the ‘shop/eat local’ movement, and we, as a family, like to eat at farm to table restaurants, like Bramble, Dish Society and Local Foods (all located in Houston). When I think of Texas “grown” products, I immediately think of Ozarka water. It is the only brand of water that I buy (besides smartwater at LifeTime because I have no choice!). The water comes from three Texas springs and tastes so fresh (cue me going to get a bottle as a I write). Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite Texas goods and restaurants/shops/markets where you can buy locally grown or sourced food/beverage items. I would love to hear from you about where you buy yours! We’d definitely like to expand our horizons.

Cheese plate with goods sourced from local farms

Delicious Home-Grown Texas Goods

  • Sinfull Bakery’s Everything Bar: My guilty pleasure. This vegan bakery pumps out the most amazing desserts in the entire world, but this bar is what I would request for my last supper. It is so delicious! You can find the list of places that sell them here.
  • Green Plate Fruit Bites: I first tried these last year at a cuteheads party, and instantly became addicted. They are healthy (win!) and so delicious. They’re one of Isla’s favorite snacks too.
  • Crave Cupcakes: Le duh. They’re so good. And originated in Houston! The vegan red velvet cupcakes are our absolutely favorites.
  • No Label Brewery (Sasha’s pick): I don’t drink beer, but Sasha really likes NLB’s selection and will typically order it when we’re out at restaurants if its served.
  • Trentino Gelato: So. Delicious. I’m a froyo gal, not ice cream, and normally not gelato, but Trentino is that good!
  • Ozarka Water: My absolute favorite bottled water to drink – it’s what we drink in our house.
  • Kicking Kombucha: I love Kombucha drinks – especially after long workouts. They are so refreshing (and even make for good cocktails!). I highly recommend trying this brand!
  • Blue Heron Farm Goat Cheese: We love buying local cheese at our farmer’s market, and Blue Heron’s goat cheese is the best!
  • A Better Way Beef (Sasha’s pick): As a vegetarian, I don’t have much to say about locally grown meat, but Sasha loves this farm’s beef. He recently made some Spaghetti Bolognese and told me the whole time he was eating that I was missing out!
  • Paqui Tortilla Chips (Sasha’s pick): Paqui’s tortilla chips are crafted with unbleached, untreated flour, or by stone grinding corn and adding mouth-watering flavors using high-quality ingredients, such as fire-roasted jalapenos, fresh cilantro leaves, buttermilk, pumpkin and other spices and flavors. They’re addicting!
  • Snow’s BBQ Sauce (Sasha’s pick): Texas Monthly magazine named Snow’s BBQ as the best in Texas – quite the claim to fame. It can be used on any cut of meat or even as a dipping sauce or marinade.
  • Yellowbird Sauce Habanero Sauce (Sasha’s pick): These are the most delicious, most versatile, most satisfying condiment that will ever hit your lips. Yellowbird Sauce goes great on anything you can think of – it has the perfect amount of kick.
  • The Jelly Queens Black Garlic Rosemary BBQ Sauce  (Sasha’s pick): The Jelly Queens makes gourmet jams, jellies, spices, sauces and more. Sasha loves this BBQ sauce.
  • Taste Elevated Sweet & Spicy Mustard Seeds: These little flavor-packed pearls are absolutely delicious – they add a little sweet and a little heat. I used them recently in a cauliflower dish and it tasted so good!
  • Cookwell & Company Queso: This queso is built around a flavorful blend of cheddar and blue cheeses combined with fire-roasted tomatoes, onions, diced jalapeños, and fresh-squeezed lime juice to create simply the best and authentic queso you can buy… sound amazing? It is.
Delicious Paqui chips and Cookwell & Company queso

Favorite Places to Buy/Eat Texas Goods

Fresh selection at Georgia’s Farm to Market


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  1. Thanks for turning me onto the Everything Bar. I go to the farmers market and stock up on those! Sad that Sparrow is no longer around 🙁

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