Hope y’all had a happy Fourth of July weekend! There is something about that one extra day that makes all of the difference in the world. Yesterday, we headed to Katy to do a Rev spin class at our friends’ new Define location (which is gorgeous!!). Paige did such a great job teaching the class. Afterwards, we went to their house to swim, then to my parents for more time in the sun. Amazingly, Isla did not sleep at all during the day, despite hours of kicking frantically through the water. She did crash at night though!

The rest of the week went very quickly, with some highlights being:

  • Eating lunch with my friend Melissa at Ruggles Green and watching Isla run around the green area at CityCentre – her favorite!
  • Meeting Destiny and Truman for a splash pad playdate – they are so cute together!
  • Attending the Honeybook launch party
  • Meeting two former co-workers for lunch at Dish Society
  • Photographing Elly and Lilly (both are so gorgeous!!!)
  • Taking family photos for a sweet one year old – whose name is also Isla!
  • Attending a class at DEFINE Katy, which our close friends just opened up! And then having a swim date at their house afterwards!
  • Spending time with my little sister, Jill, and her boyfriend, Kevin, at my parent’s house!
  • Having a family date at the Lifetime Fitness pool – Isla seriously is obsessed with swimming
  • Eating lunch with Sasha’s mom and her guest who is visiting from Serbia at Ruggles Green (can you tell I’m obsessed?)
  • Doing a Friday family date night with dinner at MOD Pizza and TCBY afterwards – we had a huge step count day and wanted to reward ourselves!
  • Having Molly and my sister, Karine, over for a little afternoon cheese date… in the scorching heat! But it was fun nonetheless.

I hope you had the best July Fourth celebration! 

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