Mondays always sneak up on you, don’t they? At 10pm last night, I was legitimately surprised to look at my calendar and see that the next day was Monday. Why do weekends have to fly by so quickly?

This past week was a blur – busy with work and then ended on a low point, as Sasha’s sweet grandmother passed away on Friday evening. She was loved by many, many people, and I imagine her memorial on Thursday will be extremely emotional. She is going to be so missed.

The week did have many positive moments, including:

  • Getting a few highlights and a trim by Eric Vaughn – he’s the best!
  • Seeing Megan of Willow Crowns for lunch at Tiny Boxwoods and then again at her pop-up shop at Pottery Barn Kids
  • Photographing sweet Ellie’s first birthday party
  • Finally getting our collage wall hung with Handy 
  • Seeing sweet Will’s birth announcement! So excited for the Benzers!
  • Photographing Lilly twice – at CityCentre and Rice University – she is so stunning!
  • Taking adorable Campbell’s newborn photos
  • Doing an Instagram takeover and blog post on The Social Society
  • Eating family meals at MOD Pizza and Adair Kitchen – two of our favorites!
  • Having lunch at Ruggles Green with my sweet cousin, Kristina, who just moved back to Texas from Arkansas
  • Eating dinner with Sasha’s family on Saturday at our house

Hope you have a wonderful week! 

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