It’s Tuesday, feels like Thursday… but what’s new? This week is busy busy busy, but I’ll be seeing lots of my favorite faces, so I’m predicting it’ll be a very happy week. 

Last week was ever so slightly ridiculous, filled with lots of photos, two funerals for Sasha’s sweet grandma (“Baba”) – one in Houston and one in Arkansas, a playdate to Montgomery with Courtney Brown, and other highlights, including:

  • Having Brittany and Meg over to the house to prep for Jessica’s shower this weekend!
  • Going to Arkansas for the weekend – although we were there for a sad reason, it was nice to be able to celebrate Baba’s life with family
  • Going to Lyndsey’s house for cuteheads ice cream party with some other sweet mamas whom I love! 
  • Doing my Global Entry interview at the airport, which I passed (not really an interview), but annoyed because I have to go back to do it again with Isla! I had no clue!
  • Photographing Natalie Weakly and a bridal client of hers at City Center // Molly for blog outfits and also for a fun chocolate post with Kathleen of Beauty Now App and Katie of Mirth Caftans – they’re all so nice and inspiring // Elly at Uptown Park // Destiny and Sid in downtown Houston // Lilly at an On Point Custom Homes pool
  • Seeing the McMullen twin girls for more swaddle photos for By George Baby Boutique!
  • Visiting Courtney and her girls at their house in Montgomery and meeting her husband, Matthew!
  • On a sad note, our sweet life-saver, Karina, left to go back to Mexico to visit family and friends! We are going to miss her! Isla starts school in just a few weeks though – I cannot believe it! I think she’s going to love Mother’s Day Out!! 

Hope you are having the best week so far! xo

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  1. Isla’s so cute in her true Texan spirit with that pink cowboy hat!

    P.S. So cheeky, too! Hahaha!

  2. Paola Corral Reply

    Sorry to hear about Sasha’s grandma… My condolences to your family. On a side note, great photos (as always). xoxo

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