We’re leaving for Colorado this evening (driving… yikes!), and so the past two days have been crazy, trying to fit things in before we head out of town. So despite the dreaded 15 hour car ride, I am very, very ready for this vacation! Two of our best friends are meeting us in Durango with their two adorable kiddos, and I’m so eager for the reunion (tons and tons of impending photos!). 

Last week flew by quickly, and it was a wonderful as a whole, although we did have one low point. Our family’s dog, Missy, was put to sleep on Friday, leaving us very sad. Missy has been a part of our family for over a decade, and we’ll all miss her!

Some of the happy moments from the past week included:

  • Shooting with Carrie, Lyndsey and Elly all across town for their blogs
  • Taking family photos for Lauren of Laureen Loves – Braden was too, too cute
  • Having a splash pad play date with Destiny and Truman at the most fun pool close to their house
  • Eating lunch with Megan, Alexis, Destiny and Courtney at Ruggles Green – the kids were red in the face from running around the Green! It is so hot outside right now
  • Co-hosting Jessica’s baby shower at our house
  • Taking product photos for Mari of M+M Couture
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship with Sasha’s Aunt Zlata and then lunch at Counter Burger with Bob and Ivana (we also ate pizza at MOD with them on Friday – so happy Ivana is back in Houston!!!) 
  • Eating dinner with my family at our house on Thursday before my parents headed out of town on Saturday to go to the UK
  • Celebrating our three year anniversary – to be celebrated with an actual date night at some point soon

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