Hello from Durango! We’re back in Colorado for a week, then return to Texas… indefinitely! Ha! I feel like we haven’t been home for more than 10 days in the past two months. So, of course this week in review post is late, but I do have some exciting news to share: we’re building a house! Last Monday, we closed on a tear-down property in Briargrove, a cute family-friendly neighborhood close to the Galleria, and met with a few builders and architects before heading to Colorado. We have one more meeting the Tuesday we return, and will make our final decisions after that. I’m so excited about this journey, although I know it’s going to be a big headache at times – especially with a newborn baby! 

Other big news was that Isla started her first week of Mother’s Day Out at Chapelwood and loved it (despite drop off, of course). She came home talking about Mrs. LAWWWWWren and her new friends. She’s going three days a week, and while I miss her like crazy when she’s gone, it’s nice to pack that time with photos and editing so that I can spend more time with the family at night!

Some other highlights from the week include:

  • Taking blog photos for Alex, Carrie, Molly and Destiny photos.
  • Eating lunch with Meredith at The Counter, because my veggie burger craving has yet to subside. It was so good catching up with her!
  • Coffee and crepes at Sweet Paris with Megan, where we ran into Elly, Lilly and Linh 
  • Photographing our good friends’ newborn baby girl, Harper, in her gorgeous floral nursery – she is so beautiful! I’m so happy for Ilene and Kenny!
  • Eating dinner at Pei Wei after visiting the house for the first time – we typically avoid big chain restaurants, but seriously, have you tried their quinoa?? The Thai Dynamite with Quinoa and Tofu is to die for.
  • Swimming at my parents house on Saturday morning – Isla loves Mimi and Papa!
  • Ordering the last piece of furniture for nursery, and now I’ve just got to decide on wall paper for one of the walls! My craziness in getting it done early is due to the big house decisions that are about to come our way!
  • Driving to Colorado, as crazy as that sounds – we split the journey up (almost) equally, and despite a few sleepy hours, it went really well and Isla slept for most the trip… and watched Frozen twice for the awake hours!
  • Spending Labor Day in gorgeous weather in Durango and relaxing after a crazy week!

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Sneak peek of the colors for the nursery! About 100x more colorful than Isla’s neutral nursery!

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