A day late, but what’s new? Ha. Although Isla was in school yesterday, it was such a busy day, filled with a million errands that I was excited to squeeze into five hours instead of the ten it would take with her by my side (not that I don’t love her company!). 

My grandma (“Granny Jill”) is here from Scotland for just over two weeks, so we spent Friday and Sunday in Katy with my parents, catching up, breaking bread and swimming (well, everyone else – you won’t find me in a swimsuit for at least 12 months!). We don’t get to see her nearly enough, so we’re excited to have time together now. We celebrated my dad’s birthday early on Sunday (his birthday is Thursday), and I’ve still only ordered one small gift. Any suggestions for a sports loving, outdoorsy, gadget Dad?

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Photographing Destiny at River Oaks District and then eating lunch afterwards at True Food Kitchen  – it was rare that we dine without two wild toddlers by our sides!
  • Taking Alex’s photos at River Oaks District as well – it feels like it has been ages since we’ve shot together! 
  • Photographing Lyndsey at Anvil, Lamar High School and Highland Village – we were fighting the sunset, but got some fun photos in before it went down completely.
  • Having a little Girls Night Out at Soulcycle Memorial then eating dinner at Local Foods. It’s always so nice to get the ladies together!
  • Going to my second Orangetheory Fitness class at their new Sawyer Heights location, which is so nice! I am going to try to go to a class once a week (hopefully) to mix it up with running and DEFINE.
  • Taking family photos for my friend, Gentry, and newborn photos of a sweet baby girl named Abby! Gentry has four gorgeous kiddos and Abby was so sweet that it’s making me even more excited about our growing family. 
  • Having the first Mom’s breakfast at La Madeleine for Isla’s school, during which I volunteered to put together an auction basket for her class… with a sports theme. What was I thinking? I’m hopeless with sports! Ha.
  • Going Bayou City Fellowship on Sunday and hearing Curtis preach. We love it when he’s there! So grateful to have found such a wonderful church here in Houston.
  • Visiting the Children’s Museum and eating lunch at Barnabys with the Thompsons and Ivana on Saturday morning. The kids had so much fun, but I’m pretty sure Sasha was the most mesmerized. Ha.
  • Photographing Lilly at ProOptix, as she got an eye exam and picked the *cutest* glasses ever. I am definitely needing a new pair too! 
  • Watching the end of Isla’s soccer class, then rushing with her to Academy to get a pink soccer ball of her own, which she’s been kicking all around the house.

Hope you had a great week too! xo

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