Happiest Monday! Especially happy given that my website went back up over the weekend, after being down due to hosting issues all week long. I have had this blog for over four years now (where has time gone??), and I am not much of a cried, but would be lying to you if I said I didn’t cry frustrated tears on Monday when I wasn’t able to access WordPress. Thankfully, the wonderful gals at Blogzilla helped me get it back into action, and I can bring you two weeks worth of reviews! Because I totally know you were anxious for that, right? Ha. 

We started our serious potty training efforts on Friday after school. The first days are so frustrating and involved four accidents, but all in all, she’s starting to get the grip of it and didn’t have any messes last night! We’re going to be persistent no matter how many times we have to clean pants, undies and sheets! All tips welcome.

Some other highlights from the last two weeks include:

  • Spending five days in Durango with our good friends, the Jarvises – sweet Ellery is a few months older than Isla and we are obsessed with her! She has so much energy and spunk and had us dying laughing all week – also nervous at times when we thought she had eaten poisonous berries and got her head stuck in the banister!!!
  • Photographing a few last minute shots for the Meg Grant + Co launch today! Meg is seriously so talented, and I’m excited for her new branding.
  • Taking maternity photos for Kate Blue of For the Love of Fancy at Brazos Bend State Park – I’ve edited half and cannot wait to finish and send them over!
  • Having my 20 week appointment, where we did the anatomy scan and we got to see Emi’s toes, feet, hands, spine, heart, brain, etc. She is looking healthy!! So incredibly excited.
  • Photographing the new cuteheads fall collection, which is seriously the cutest ever! I’m obsessed with all of the pieces.
  • Going to brunch at Sweet Paris with Destiny, Truman and her mama and then taking some outfit photos afterwards. 
  • Finishing Isla’s second week of school with no tears at all – she had her school photos on Wednesday, and her practiced smile made me laugh so hard. It is the fakest smile ever, but totally works for a toddler photo.
  • Attending the Houston Tidbits It girl event at Neiman Marcus that Meredith won! Seriously so proud of her.
  • Going to family dinner at Adair Kitchen with my parents, sisters and Ivana – I’ve missed that Super Foods bowl!!! It’s delicious.
  • Eating The Counter Burger with Ivana and Bob on Saturday night after Kate’s maternity photos!
  • Getting my nails at Soho Salon – am I the only person that hates getting mani/pedis?? I’m so impatient and feel like it’s such a waste of an hour. 
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship and eating lunch afterwards with Phil and Sydney at Ruggles Green – loved catching up with them after not seeing them for weeks!
  • Getting my photo taken for the A Couture Cause shoot with Traci Ling – although I don’t like being in front of the camera, I was honored to be included!
  • Meeting with, then subsequently picking, Kelly Cusimano as architect – we love him and can’t wait to start the design process!

I hope you have the best Monday and week to follow! I’m anxiously awaiting the 80 degree weather next week!

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