I’m back in Texas after a quick 40 hour trip to Colorado with Courtney Brown, where we shot at wedding (kind of an elopement, because it was planned within two weeks!). It was truly breathtakingly gorgeous, and I cannot wait to share photos. 

I’m way behind after a busy weekend, so spending nap time getting caught up on edits and emails. Some highlights from the past week included:

  • Spending time with my Granny before she headed back to Scotland yesterday. We had tea parties, played in Emi’s room and outside, and Sasha and Isla even spent the day in Katy on Sunday while I was in Durango. I can’t wait until we see her again (hopefully soon!).
  • Grabbing lunch with Meredith at True Food Kitchen on Tuesday and catching up – we talk about five times a day on the phone but rarely get to see each other!
  • Finishing Emi’s closet organization with multiple trips to The Container Store (three in one week to be exact!).
  • Meeting with our architect, Kelly Cusimano, whom we love and are so excited to work with!
  • Stopping by The Monogram Shop to buy something for a sweet new baby girl and then having breakfast with Leah at Adair Kitchen on Wednesday!
  • Taking family photos at Discovery Green and another set at Lakeside Country Club – both had the most perfect weather and settings! Excited to finish editing these!
  • Making a much craved trip to Bahama Bucks for me, Isla, Ivana and Sasha – Thin Ice Super Sour Raspberry for the win.
  • Taking pregnancy announcement photos for our sweet friends, the Nickolases, and some photos for my friend (more to come on what for soon!).

I hope you had a great week and are getting to enjoy some fall weather! xo

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  1. Loved the family photo with your Granny! Actually I love all of them! #lifegoals

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