These weeks are flying by, and hopefully continue to do so, as I’m 24 weeks pregnant and am very ready for February 3rd to be here. I cannot believe I was roaming around Durango with Courtney Brown just last week. The rest of the week was a blur, trying to catch up after being gone for a few days. We’re in the throws of family photo season already, so my weekends are pretty much gone – except for this upcoming one, as I’ve taken Friday off because my best friend, McKenzie, is coming to visit and I could not be more excited.

Some highlights from the last week include:

  • Going to Sasha’s dad’s house for a BBQ and spending time with him and his wife, Olivera (“Oli,” as Isla calls her)
  • Eating dinner at Jonathan’s the Rub with three of friend couples
  • Taking family photos for the Burkes, Kapoors, and Wallaces all around Houston at some of my favorite spots – the weather was so gorgeous, despite being in the high-80s/low-90s still!
  • Photographing sweet Natalie York – her nursery was a dream, but she was even cuter!
  • Exploring Durango with Courtney on Monday – I have never been there past Labor Day weekend before, so it was fun to see it in the fall!
  • Getting my hair chopped and colored by Eric Vaughn – he is amazing and I highly recommend him!!
  • Taking the glucose test at 24 weeks – and passing!! That drink is so incredibly disgusting, so I’m glad I didn’t have to drink it twice (which you do if you don’t pass the first test).
  • Buying Isla’s Halloween costume at Pottery Barn Kids. I DIYed her outfit last year, which I loved, but I don’t have time this year unfortunately! 
  • Celebrating the 6 year anniversary of meeting Sasha at work, which we didn’t really do anything for except have a big hug 😉 Simple people, ha.
  • Taking Bear’s photos in Katy after he spent a long weekend at the vet
  • Picking pumpkins at Trader Joes, then painting one in the driveway. It is literally LATHERED in paint, now a sort of black color… such a cute table center piece, right? Ha. 

Hope you had a wonderful week too! Happy Monday. xo

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