Is it too early to start a Christmas countdown? 61 days to go? Nope, not too soon. I am so excited and praying that the hustle of holiday season makes the days until February 3rd fly by. I’m already pretty uncomfortable and so ready to meet baby Emilia (“Emi”).

My best friend (since fourth grade!) was in town this weekend from Chicago, and we had lots of quality time together – obviously had to sneak in at least one viewing of It’s Complicated… our favorite!! Some other highlights from the past week include:

  • Meeting with Kelly Cusimano, our architect, to get V1 of our house plans – I am seriously so excited to start on this process!
  • Taking family photos in Katy with my parents and sisters
  • A few park dates with Isla and my parents and Sasha’s mom
  • Visiting Ivana at her house to drop off a little surprise
  • Going to the Needtobreathe concert with Destiny and Amanda and our husbands – they are so amazingly talented!!! I can’t wait until they come back to Houston!
  • Taking photos of sweet Lincoln, whose newborns I took last year – feels like only a few months ago!
  • Photographing Elly at River Oaks District – she is such a babe!
  • Going to Bayou City Fellowship and having Curtis preach a moving message on discipleship 
  • Doing a few DEFINE spin classes – my favorite being one with our cousin, Kristina, on Sunday

So… are you as ready for the holidays as I am? Do you have big Halloween plans?

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