I remember when Isla celebrated her first Christmas (around 6.5 months old), family and friends mentioned that it was difficult to come up with fun things to buy her. But let’s get real – at that age, she really only cared about the wrapping paper. I did a gift guide for a one year old (here), but think that gifting a little one for their first Christmas can be about memorabilia, like this gorgeous Paloma’s Nest ornament or this customizable Christmas storybook. And then there’s the numerous Santa items; for example, these PJs, this bib, or these socks

If the babe doesn’t have a Sophie giraffe already, you can kill two birds with one stone and get this set with two ornaments and the teether. And if they don’t have an older sibling, then they may not have an Elf on the Shelf yet – totally cute to snap photos of kiddos with their Elf every year. 

For the paci-loving baby, these Christmasy pacifier clips are so cute! Isla received this Little Tikes car for her first birthday and loved it then, still loves it now (strolled herself along Fred Flintstone style on our dog walk last night). 

Do you have other gift suggestions for a baby’s first Christmas?

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