Today is all about the Gadget Guy, so basically I had a ton of help with this post. Since my readers don’t typically fall into this genre, I’m going to do a bit more explaining today than the previous two days (do you really need me to detail the purpose of a vase?). I think these nine items are super cool, and I’m even including two on my own Christmas wish list!

I’ve got three more gift guides coming up for guys, so if your spouse, dad, boyfriend, guy friend isn’t super techy, have no fear! Hopefully I’ve got you covered in days coming. But for now, let’s dive into these gadgets.

Roomba: This one is a no-brainer. Everyone I know who has a Roomba loves it. You can schedule the time for the Roomba to start, and it goes to work, moving around your house, sucking up bits of dirt and dust. I remember reading about the Roomba in a marketing book at Texas, thinking it was the most robotic and futuristic thing ever, which makes me feel old now that it’s pretty commonplace! This is a gadget everyone needs!

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell: This doorbell has a camera and motion sensor, and you are able to watch your front door (or any door you put it on) from the app on your phone, computer, or tablet device. When I’m home alone at night, we’ve sometimes had neighbors stop by to drop things off, and I’m always so scared to go and open the door. I would love to have this app so that I could see who was there without opening the door! It’s a very smart investment, in my opinion.

Amazon Echo Dot: We have an Echo (not the small Dot one), and we love it. I wish that the Dot was out when we ordered ours, because it’s much more inconspicuous. We use the Echo most often to stream our favorite Spotify playlists or to listen to Spotify radio, but you can listen to music using a number of different methods, ask ‘Alexa’ many questions (like ‘”What’s the weather outside?”) and create a shopping list (I do this!). I highly recommend this as a gift!

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones: These wireless headphones are legit. Once they’re on, you cannot hear anything. So naturally, Sasha brings them with us when we travel, so that he can escape to solitude while I entertain a swirming toddler (sound familiar?). Anyone would be thrilled to receive these, especially someone who travels often.

Drone with Wifi Camera: Okay, drones are still so foreign to me, but this particular model is the best selling drone on Amazon, and it’s on a number of ‘must have’ gadget lists. This site does a good job explaining the different features. I would absolutely love to get this for when we start building our house – the ability to get tree level shots would be so cool.

360fly 4k 360 Degree Camera: Think GoPro, but with a 360 degree view. Similar to the drone, this camera is best explained on the official product site here. The camera captures high-resolution 360° 10-megapixel panoramic images with the touch of a button, even while recording a video, including 3, 5, or 10 sequential photos per second. It can hold up to three hours of footage, which is enormous (64 gb memory). I think every gadget guy could come up with at least ten uses for this camera!

Apple Watch Series 2: I absolutely love my Fitbit Alta, but I would also love an Apple Watch. My friend, Destiny, got one recently, and I’ve totally been eye balling it ever since. I love all of the functionality and the simple interface – Apple really is the best. Every tech loving male would love one of these! 

Tile Slim: Okay, I may not be a gadget guy, but I NEED these!!! Tile Slim easily slides into wallets, purses, or can be attached to a laptop, tablet, notebook or lunchbox (adhesives are sold separately). You can track these items using the Tile app on your phone. And if you cannot find your phone, you can double press the button on your Tile Slim to make your phone ring – even on silent! This. Is. Genius. I am always losing my phone, and it is always on silent! It drives Sasha (and me) crazy! For only $30, this is a great gift to give.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive: Ever get that annoying iPhone storage message? Well, worry no more because the iXpand Flash Drive will help free up space. The 128 gb drive is $90 (with cheaper options for less space), and it basically transforms your phone into a better iPhone model. I would love to have this to transfer some of the zillion photos I have on my phone! I love that it has a flexible connector to fit through most iPhone cases, which is great, given that I have a huge Otterbox and need a slim connector. I think I may be buying Sasha this to carry him through until he upgrades to a bigger iPhone, because he is constantly out of space with his 32 gb phone (rookie new dad move ordering that one!).

Do you have any other techy gift suggestions? I would love to hear them!

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  1. HAHAHA this is MY kind of gift guide! Alternative title: Gift Guide for the Gadget GIRL. Bahaha!

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