The second gift guide is for ‘little ones’ (there will be a separate list for baby’s first Christmas!), and I could have included fifty items in this roundup because there are so many cute gift options for toddlers and young kids.

If you’re looking for something educational, this magnetic alphabet book is perfect for kids 2 and older. I’ve ordered it for Isla for Christmas, because she currently loves going over her letters and spelling words aloud (repeating after us, of course). If you’ve got a musical kid in mind, this guitar and this xylophone (or Isla-phone, as my little one calls it) are perfect – reasonably priced and really good quality too.

This elephant head and this incredible play tent would both make any bedroom or playroom ten million times cuter. If you’ve got an aspiring photographer (Isla loves to take pictures like her mama), this camera from Land of Nod is a perfect present. And if you know a kid who wants to start riding a “big kid bike,” then they need a Strider bike to get started. Isla’s dad and grandpa are both avid riders, so she always requests her green bike to be just like them.

My mom’s best friend got Isla an elephant Blabla doll when she was little, and she adores it. Pierre the Bunny Blabla seems so holiday festive with his green cross body bag and red scarf. Isla also has, and loves, the unicorn version of this Melissa and Doug horsie. Just avoid having them walk anywhere with it – we once had a 45 minute walk home in Durango, which should have taken 15 minutes because riding the unicorn does not go fast! Ha.

I couldn’t not include this Peek cable knit sweater because those poms kill me! Isla is definitely going to be sporting this soon. These Gap Christmas socks are also way too cute (plus they glow in the dark!).

Last, but most definitely not least, are these Wonder Wow ‘painting’ books. You fill the little paintbrush with water, then kids can paint the pages, which have color appear then fade once the water dries. Isla is obsessed with the three she has, and I just ordered a few more. She gets very excited when she paints, so she’s wearing the bristles down on her brushes!

Do you have any other good suggestions for little kids’ gifts? Also, if you didn’t read yesterday’s Hostess gift guide post, click here to see some fun suggestions for the party thrower in your life!


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