Happy Monday, everyone. A much, much happier Monday than last week circa 11pm, let me tell you! I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry once or twice (or ten times) on Tuesday, but I’m putting all of that past me and ignoring all forms of political media for the next four years. Ha!

The past week was crazy busy, as we’re in the throws of family photo season. However, things slow down in 3.5 weeks, and I’m hoping that the busy-ness of the next month will help February 3 come quickly! I had my 28 week appointment last Friday, and everything is looking good (except, of course, my crazily veined right leg!). 

Isla and I ate lunch with our friend, Mel, last Monday at Ruggles Green and enjoyed good conversation and delicious food. Isla made a friend, whom she named Asher, as apparently that wasn’t his name after all (cute name though, right?). I had her parent-teacher conference, which went well. They said she was very talkative and loved baby dolls and cheese. Sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

I photographed four families, Elly, and a zillion dogs and cats at the West Elm x ASPCA event on Thursday evening. Isla, Belle, Ivana and I went to the Arboreteum on Saturday to soak up the gorgeous weather, then later in the day we walked to Peli Peli (which opened close to our house – it’s so good!!!) for dinner. Sasha has been traveling for work during the week, so we’re soaking up ‘Tata time’ on the weekends!

Hope you had a great week and that your Monday is going well so far. Get ready for more gift guides to come this week! xo

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