Can you even believe that there are only 34 days until Christmas? Less important to almost every single one of you is the fact that my due date is 74 days away, which seems both like forever and tomorrow at the same time. February 3, come quickly!

We had a serious drop in the temperature from Friday to Saturday, as it went from about 82 degrees to low 40s. We were freezing cold when we went to the park on Saturday morning, but it felt great to be bundled up.

Unfortunately, Isla caught a stomach bug that went around her classroom and had to miss her Thanksgiving party at school on Friday. She was fully recovered (appetite and all) by Sunday, which was good. Fortunately, Sasha and I have seemed to avoid picking up the bad germs (so far at least), which I’m grateful for as well.

We’re excited to spend time with family and friends this week! I’m trying to knock out as much editing tonight as possible so that I don’t have to work on Thursday or Friday. I may have to tape my eyelids open!

  • Going to Bayou City Fellowship and hearing guest pastor, RT Kendall, preach a sermon about forgiveness – he was absolutely amazing! We got to sit with our friends, Philip, Sydney and Ashley, which we loved.
  • Eating at Sweet Paris with the family and watching Sasha eat two and a half crepes – he’s insane. I’m throwing a shower for Destiny there in a few weeks, and I’m so excited! I received the invitations from Papellerie in the mail on Saturday – those ladies are the best!
  • Taking newborn photos for baby Collins, who was an absolute doll!
  • Photographing our good friends, Amanda and Scott, with her adorable pup, Gilbert.
  • Taking photos for Destiny at her house before the Thompsons headed off to Utah for the holiday!
  • Snapping photos of Meg Grant and her son, Berdon, for their holiday card and some product shots for Meg – she is one of the most talented people I know. She’s working on some projects for me and I’m obsessed with everything I’ve seen so far!
  • Photographing Alex at Houston Rental Studio – we took tons of fun holiday pictures and I can’t wait for her to share them!
  • Doing family photos for a client whose daughter I photographed as a newborn earlier this year. Hazel is the sweetest, happiest little lady and made my job a breeze!
  • Doing a family 3-mile loop walk at Memorial Park and then scarfing down lunch at Barnabys afterwards (that Falafel Salad is amazing!).
  • Getting my Snoogle in the mail and then finally getting a good night of sleep!
  • My older sister came over for dinner on Saturday evening – we walked to Peli Peli, which just opened by our house and we’re obsessed with it.
  • Despite Isla being a bit sick, we still had our MOD pizza night on Friday and she was happy to get out of the house and nom on some margherita pizza. 

I hope that you have an amazing holiday week and that you enjoy being around family and/or friends on Thanksgiving! xo

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