Happy almost-December! Can you believe that it’s only two days away? I’m freaking out (with excitement). My favorite time of the year! Both our living room and Isla’s trees are up and decorated (it only took two weeks to put ornaments on the trees, whoops). I’ve bought two out of probably twenty Christmas gifts, but I still feel like that’s an accomplishment!

We had the best Thanksgiving at my parent’s house in Katy on Thursday. We ate the most delicious meal (veggie stuffed mushrooms and ratatouille were the best!), went around the table and said what we were thankful for this year, then played the most intense dice/present game, that always involves quite a bit of yelling. Afterwards, everyone vegged out (after dishes were done), for the rest of the day. Thanksgiving and Christmas always go by way too quickly! I hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations with your family and friends too.

Other highlights from the week included:

  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship and getting to catch up with one of my best friends, Andrew, afterwards at our house. 
  • Eating way too much at the annual cousin’s BBQ on Saturday evening – we had a great time, as did Isla, who was so sad to leave at the end of the night!
  • Catching up with Sasha’s cousin, Natalia, and her mom, Zlata, at Peli Peli on Wednesday night. 
  • Having our friends, the Behennas, over on Friday evening for amazing – visit Friday evening
  • Doing our annual Thanksgiving turkey trot at Memorial Park – we’ve run the trails or 3 mile loop every year since 2012 and want to keep the tradition going forever! If I can do it 30 weeks pregnant, there’s no reason we should ever stop! Ha. 
  • Taking family photos for my intern, Hannah, the McCabes, and the Gentrys, and snapping blog photos for  Elly at Highland Village.
  • Eating lunch and catching up with my friend, Ellen, at Zoe’s Kitchen on Monday. She brought lots of goodies – can’t wait to share details next week of what they were for!
  • Stopping by Papellerie to pickup extra copies of Destiny’s shower invitation!
  • Drinking coffee at Tiny’s No 5 Milk & Cookies with Megan and Olivia – only Miss O did the cookie/milk combo, but she seemed to love it, and I was obsessed with my Chia Pudding!
  • Going to my 30 week appointment at my doctor – the next visit will be an ultrasound visit, and I cannot wait to see my Emi Girl! It’s crazy how you have so many ultrasounds early on, then they just stop!

Hope you have a wonderful week!! xo

ailee_petrovic_161124_l86a5507-2 ailee_petrovic_161124_l86a5512ailee_petrovic_161124_l86a5499This is what our family photos with a toddler most often look like – ha!

ailee_petrovic_161121_l86a4865ailee_petrovic_161121_l86a4852 ailee_petrovic_161121_l86a4862ailee_petrovic_161127_l86a5558When dad lets you watch Sunday football on the couchailee_petrovic_161127_l86a5734 ailee_petrovic_161127_l86a5981ailee_petrovic_161123_l86a5442 ailee_petrovic_161122_l86a5223 ailee_petrovic_161122_l86a5211 ailee_petrovic_161122_l86a5147 ailee_petrovic_161121_l86a4799 ailee_petrovic_161121_l86a4814

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  1. Is it me or do I look like a total Serial Killer in that pic with IB being up side down? #creeperface

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