Happy Friday, everyone! Amanda is back with the last gift guide of the year – one for Pet Lovers. I absolutely love the other two guides she curated, for the Outdoorsman and for the Fashion Forward Male. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to check out all of the others we’ve posted!

Thanks Ailee for letting me to do these guest gift guide posts for you. It has been really fun, and I am looking forward to starting my own blog very soon! For those of you who don’t know me, I am pet obsessed. If I could have at least 2 dogs, a kitty, a bunny rabbit and a baby goat, I would be in pet heaven, but since that is just not practical, I am lucky enough to have the most perfect dog in the world (in my biased opinion). His name is Gilbert, and he is an 11 year old Brussels Griffon that we rescued in July of 2015. If you have never heard of the breed Brussels Griffon, just search for it on Instagram and you will see tons of this silly, adorable breed or just go follow Gilbert [@oldmangil], because yes, he has his own Instagram. I could talk about Gil for hours, but let’s get down to the gifts that I would recommend for all of the other pet lovers out there.

First of all, let’s start with this hilarious book that any female cat lover would proudly display in her home. It is called “Men & Cats” and on each page there is a picture of a hot male model and on the opposite page, there is a picture of a cat doing the same pose as the man. Genius!

Next, I am in love with these “Joy to the World” dog ornaments from Nordstrom. Unfortunately, they don’t have any Brussels Griffon ones, but I plan on buying the shih-tzu one pictured above for my mom because my parents have a shih-tzu who looks just like it. They do have these cat ones as well, just not as many choices. If you don’t find the breed you are looking for, continue searching “Joy to the World” ornaments on the website because they have a few different dog ornament listings that all vary slightly by style.

My mom got me the Brussels Griffon version of these socks last year for Christmas and they are my favorite! If you click on the Wheelhouse Designs link at the bottom of the Shoptiques website page, you can see the other sock breeds that are currently available.

Another cat lover idea would be this gold, glittery, cat shaped Kate Spade iPhone case. I am thinking the book along with this phone case would be the purrrfect pairing (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

If you let your pet roam around freely while you aren’t home, this next gift is for you and your pet. I am always wondering what Gilbert is doing while I am gone. He is 77 in human years so my guess is, not a whole lot, but it would be fun to spy on him when his dog walkers come for a visit while I am at work, or to see how my husband, Scott, interacts with him while I am gone. This Petcube is so cool! It allows you to view video from a wide angle lens on your mobile device. It also has a built in laser toy to keep your pet entertained, if they are into that sort of thing. You can also talk to your pet through the device, but I probably personally wouldn’t use this feature as I know it would confuse sweet little Gilbert (I once tried face-timing with him and he legit tried to lick the phone and it broke my heart).

These last 4 items are for your actual pet. I love this personalized sweater and these leather dog collars and I am for sure buying these food and water bowls for Gilbert because they will look totally stylish in my kitchen. OK, last but not least, could you just die at this pet umbrella??! My friend, Kristen, told me about it and it made me smile so big because as ridiculous as it may look and seem, I immediately bought one. Gilbert is not a fan of the rain and this would be an easier alternative than trying to follow him around with our huge golf umbrella to cover us both. 
If you know someone who is crazy in love with their pet like me, any of these gifts will delight them, or if you are the pet crazed one, put these on your wishlist. There’s still plenty of time to online shop before Christmas! 

Any funny pet stories you care to share or additional gift ideas you have thought of? I am always looking for more ways to spoil Gilbert! 
Happy Holidays, Amanda

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