We’re officially less than two weeks from Christmas, and I’m so excited. Albeit, I haven’t wrapped a single gift yet, but I did get my holiday cards out last week, so I’ll consider that a win. I ordered cards from Artifact Uprising and envelopes from Minted, then added a little surprise ‘from Isla’ in each envelope – praying they arrived in a decently good condition, but you never know what to expect with the postal service!

Last week was my busiest photo week of the year, with ten different sets of photos in seven days. I am going to be spending this whole week catching up on edits, as I only have three sets this week (family session, newborn photos and blogger pics). 

Despite running around like a crazy person, there were many, many highlights last week that included:

  • Getting the house painted, including Emi’s nursery! We did one accent wall a blush pink color with white stripes (which Sasha thinks are too wide – when did he start having such strong opinions all of a sudden?). I cannot wait for the room to be done!
  • Photographing Destiny, Elly, and Meredith (twice!) – lots of fun holiday looks that I’m excited for each to share!
  • Being treated to lunch by Destiny’s sweet Mama! I just love her!! 
  • Taking newborn photos for the cutest little baby girl, Connolly. Her nursery is to die for!
  • Photographing two sets of family photos at the Arboretum and Memorial Park – the weather was super overcast for both, but loving how they turned out regardless!
  • Photographing two birthday parties – one for Meg’s son, Berdon, who was turning 4, and another for a little babe named Audrey,  who was celebrating her first birthday!
  • Taking pregnancy announcement photos – I cannot share details or photos yet, but I will as soon as the couple does! I’m so excited for them!!!!
  • Going to Bayou City Fellowship and sitting next to our sweet friends, Philip and Sydney. I love worship music around this time of the year too! 
  • Having my older sister and cousin over late on Friday evening and getting to catch up with both of them!
  • House hunting with my sister-in-law on Friday! Trying to convince them to move to our new neighborhood (although we won’t be there for a year!!). 
  • Going to my 32 week appointment and having a growth ultrasound – baby girl is measuring 4 pounds, 3 ounces, which is in the 45 percentile for weight! So excited that she’s growing and healthy!

Hope you had a great week too! Happy, happy Monday! xo

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