Happy Tuesday! Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? I didn’t know that Sasha was going to have MLK Day off, so mistakenly booked myself up, but it was nice to have him home so that he and Isla could spend the day together (and adding it as a work holiday to my calendar for next year!). Things are definitely winding down with photography, as I’m mainly only editing photos for fun now (a few blog photos scheduled before my due date and one newborn session, but that’s it!). I’m trying to catch up with friends before I become sleep deprived, and spent a lot of the past week running errands and buying things for the nursery (hello four trips to Target!). Some highlights from the week included:

  • Meeting Jessica and sweet Olivia for lunch at Local Foods, catching up and snapping a few outfit photos for her blog – Feather Thread!
  • Having my 37 week appointment and hearing good news that Emi is progressing as she should! Anxious to meet her, but definitely need to get some good nights of sleep before she arrives!
  • Photographing Isla in the Valentina cuteheads dress, which I’m seriously in love with (and Isla is too!)
  • Meeting Destiny in Eado for a really fun Valentine’s Day-inspired shoot – we photographed 5 outfits (praises to her for changing in a car four times at the end of her third trimester!). Make sure to read TrulyDestiny.com to see photos from the shoot! We then met up again on Friday for a much needed prenatal massage and poolside relaxation at Trellis (the Houstonian spa). We’ve been together before and think it definitely needs to become more routine! That place is heavenly!
  • Going to Alex’s wedding rehearsal on Friday night and having family MOD dinner night, then celebrating her nuptials on Saturday. Isla was the flower girl and it was so special to be a part of their celebration. Alex looked like a goddess – she is so gorgeous! They’re off on their honeymoon now, and I’m jealous of the sunshine!
  • Having my family over for Sunday dinner (we picked up Niko Nikos because I have no energy to cook for 8 people!) and doing a game of Monikers, which is the absolute best!
  • Celebrating Megan and sweet baby Isabel at a shower at Ousie’s Table. It was such a good brunch and I loved catching up with the ladies who went!
  • Photographing my older sister’s gorgeous house which will be on the market soon – will share more details after it’s listed!
  • Getting a BabyBjorn Bouncer in the mail! This is definitely one of our favorite baby companies and I cannot wait to use it with Emi.


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