Happiest Monday! I cannot believe it has been eight days since Emi was born. There is genuinely nothing that will make a week fly by faster than having a newborn! We had over thirty guests come and visit last week, which made the days pass very quickly. Emilia sleeps almost all day long, so we’ve been waking her every three to four hours for feeds (a problem we did not have with ever-active-Isla!). Unfortunately, even with her being woken to breastfeed, I still developed Mastitis (an infection due to clogged ducts). I had Mastitis four times with Isla, so I knew the signs and was able to call my ob-gyn early to ask for the antibiotics. Other than being a bit under-the-weather, we truly had the best week as a new family of four.

In addition to having family and friends come to the house, we also went to our local park, walked to our nearby Starbucks, visited one of my mom’s best friends for breastfeeding advice, followed our Friday night tradition of dinner at MOD Pizza, played with Isla’s godmother and my best friend, McKenzie, who was in town, and went to Katy to celebrate my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday at my parent’s house.

Here are a ton of photos from the week!


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  1. Emi is perfect! Congrats to your family on the new addition 🙂
    I have a little niece obsessed with Minnie, where are Isla’s shoes from?

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