Happy President’s Day! I actually typed “President’s Day” into Google to find out the history behind this holiday, and the first thing that came up was this CNN article. So, happy “Not My President’s Day” as well? Ha. In case you didn’t know (like me!), the holiday is a remembrance to George Washington’s birthday, which is on Wednesday, February 22nd and a celebration of all our past presidents. Fortunately, Google observes this holiday, so Sasha had the day off, which will be his last day of paternity leave before returning to work. It has been the rainiest day, but we went swimming and watched a movie (ahem, Sasha and Isla did… Emi and I napped on the couch!). 

This past week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and the birth of Destiny’s gorgeous baby girl, Tatum. I cannot wait to meet her in a few days! The week flew by, of course, as they do with newborns. We’re beginning to get into a new routine, but for some reason, the last two days I’ve felt extremely tired, which is probably what happens after three weeks of waking up once or twice in the middle of the night to nurse a baby! We have a Starbucks that is less than a mile from our house, and we’ve changed up our morning Belle walks to include a few trips for coffee!

My little sister, Jill, planned on taking Isla on a Valentine’s donut date on Tuesday, but it was so, so rainy that she ended up getting donuts and coming to the house. Isla had the best time with her – they locked themselves into the playroom and ate their pink sprinkled donuts together. Sisters are the best! Jill was back over at the house early on Thursday to help us get ready for Emi’s newborn photos. We took them with Courtney Leigh Brown, who is not only the most amazing photographer, but also now a dear friend (who is expecting a baby boy this summer!). I am so excited to see the photos!

On Tuesday, Sasha surprised Isla and I with Valentine’s cards, and he gave me a gorgeous garnet and diamond necklace in honor of Emi’s birth (it’s her birth stone). He gave me pearl earrings for Isla’s birth, and I love having a piece of jewelry as symbols of both my daughters.

We celebrated my birthday by eating brunch at Hungry’s in Rice Village and then had Meredith, Trent, Ivana, Bob and Karine over for game night that evening. We used Favor to get Himalayan food delivered, and Meredith spoiled us, not only with gifts for me, Emi and Isla, but also by bringing cupcakes for everyone. We played Monikers, which is seriously one of my favorite games ever. 

We also went and walked the Memorial Park loop with Ivana, and strategized on her new house remodel. I can’t believe that it’s all finalized and that they’ll start work soon! We will end up living only four streets apart once we move into our new house (which, based on the progress, may be never!).

The definite low point of the week was my dad ending up in ICU. He is now in outpatient care and is feeling much better, which is fantastic news. I appreciated all of the texts and calls about his health, and we’re excited that he’ll be back home tomorrow! 

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that your week has started off on a good note. xo


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