Okay, I feel like all everyone is talking about today is the Oscar winner mixup, but can we please talk about how absolutely amazing (times a zillion) Justin Timberlake’s performance was last night? He is truly perfect

Anyway, I digress. last week was definitely my most productive since sweet Emi was born, and it feels really good to be back in the swing-of-things (a least sort of!). I took Destiny’s newborn photos last Friday, and I’m gushing over them as I edit (much slower than normal) – those four are so beautiful, they make my job so easy. Tatum is perfect and also seemed so insanely tiny compared to my chunker. It’s insane how much of a difference two weeks can make when it comes to baby sizes too!

Meredith also came over on Friday – with a bag full of candy, which was to be used for a brand collaboration she’s doing… but Isla basically ate half of it. As I’ve said before, that sweet girl LOVES her sweet Sugar Mama! We had a lot of fun (and some legit laughter at how Lucy and Ethel we were) taking the photos for a short video you’ll see soon.

I also co-hosted (I should use this term lightly, as I was a weak contributor given that I have a newborn!) a baby shower for my good friend, Erin. It was held at Amanda’s house (which looked amazing), and I loved getting to catch up with some of my favorites. 

We also had a few sweet guests stop by, including Megan and Esther, and I loved getting to catch up with them and hear about their recent/upcoming launches. They are truly such inspirational business women (i.e. bosses!). 

We did family dinner last night with my family. Everyone came over, then we walked to Peli Peli, which is a big fan favorite. I genuinely think I have newborn exhaustion, because I truly cannot think of what else we did during the week, so if I saw you and am not mentioning it as a highlight, please don’t be offended! Ha. Mom life.

I hope you have the best week ever! We’ve had some glorious weather in Houston lately – sunny with a breeze. Ugh, I hope it lasts! xo


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